10 Products We Recommend Not Buying at Home Depot

All those who are in the process of construction or remodeling usually turn to Home Depot for their scheduled or urgent purchases. But a report by BestLife, in which it consulted experts and professionals who know the store, states The 10 products they recommend not buying at this location.

1. Home decoration

A home decor expert explains that Home Depot is in short supply and the products are too expensive, besides the fact that they Mass produced goods that can be obtained cheaply At Target, Ikea, Marshalls, TJ Maxx or HomeGoods.

2. Basic power tools

Experts recommend comparing prices with other stores, and although Home Depot has a large selection of power tools, some of them They are not worth it or they are more expensive, For example, the Makita cordless jigsaw costs $199 at Home Depot and $120 at Walmart.

3. Plants and Flowers

People in the know say that shoppers purchase plants from this retailer that are more likely to die unless they buy within the first few days of the flower department opening in the spring. A tip for creating a good garden is to buy your plants from specialized stores where There are experts who can help you make the right decision.,

4. Mulch

A landscaper recommends Find a local landscape provider or garden centerBecause Home Depot can help, but there is a lot of variation in what is offered, including price.

5. Supply cleaners

One residential and commercial contractor says there are two main problems with appliance cleaning materials sold at Home Depot: cost and selection, so he recommends turning to Walmart and Target, where they’re also available. Cleaners that are more environmentally friendly.

6. Countertops

home depot usually Sell ​​Countertops at Higher Prices Compared to those that can be found elsewhere, such as in stone workshops or at a manufacturer’s.

7. Some wooden floors

Many exotic and soft woods are more prone to termites, and are more likely to be purchased Material that is threatened by this pest It is higher when you shop at certain stores. One flooring expert says Home Depot is not as diligent as a typical lumber retailer in checking for these insect activity.

8. Special Wood

If you are looking for high quality specialty wood, this is the best Explore options other than Home DepotSince the selection is limited and the quality of the material does not justify the price per board foot, says one expert, Joe recommends turning to a sawmill or specialty supplier for a better selection and greater variety.

9. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

One expert explains that Home Depot doesn’t have many options in this regard, as its “selection is limited and extremely expensive,” especially when looking for the wow factor for your cabinet hardware. For example, a 10-pack of brass cabinet pulls costs $50 at Home Depot Something similar on Amazon is about half the price,

10. Door latch

like cabinet hardware, Door handle options at Home Depot are limited and expensiveSo it is recommended to check Amazon before purchasing.

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