10 protein-rich foods that cannot be missing from your diet

protein are one of macronutrients That the body needs energy and to function properly. “They play important roles in almost all biological functions cell repairHe Development And DevelopmentProduction of enzymes And hormonesAnd this immune function“, they explain from Navarra University Clinic,

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For athleteAlso for those who they train and want to build muscle, these are essential Diet and help achieve good performance, Below you will find 10 protein rich foodsAccording to the data shared by the clinic.

1. Full Waist

He pork loin It is a food usually made from porkone who undergoes a process Salty, spicy, sausage In Courage And therapeutic For once. it is consumed Raw, cut into thin slices. It is known for its high protein content, as it provides 50 grams protein For every 100 grams of product.

2. Canned Tuna

proteins of animal origin they are in it too fish, Navarra University Clinic show that canned tuna Is 32 grams protein For every 100 grams of product. Please note that this food may come reserve in different Liquid substance: in olive oil, sunflower oilIn pickle…if you’re looking for an alternative low calorie Choose to avoid weight gain natural tuna In water.

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3. Chicken Breast

Mara KasasA fitness expert explains that Cock This is the favorite food of strongwho usually prepares it Iron one of two Boiled, The meat of this animal is rich in proteins: 31 for every 100 grams chicken breast, Also, by consuming this product you can avoid fat who are associated with red meat From other animals, which can increase cholesterol.

4. Pig Loin

He pork loin The body does not get as much protein as pork loinBut this is a huge amount: 30 grams For every 100 grams of product. It is one of the foods that contain proteins of animal origin. high quality And that “they provide everything essential amino acids Our body cannot produce it on its own,” he emphasizes from the clinic above.

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5. Beef Fillet

calf meat It also contains protein in abundance. 100 grams a plaque gather 29 grams protein, “For example, a beef steak can contain up to 62 grams of protein,” the expert shares. Navarra University Clinic, You should keep in mind that it is not advisable to misuse red meat on a healthy diet, because they are more full of fat Compared to white people.

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6. Parmesan Cheese

dairy products They are characterized by their high content protein, If you are looking for something that stands out in this aspect, then choose this one Parmesan, 100 grams of this food is 28 grams protein, Furthermore, it is a food that contains abundant tryptophanwho can help you sleep better And prevent aging.

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7. Sausage

The next food on the list is popular sausageHe sausagewith 28 grams protein Per 100 grams. Before including it in your diet, you should know that its consumption is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. These types of products are made processed meat causing large amounts of Salt And Sugar,

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8. Chorizo

Like Salchichan, sausage have another Protein Rich Sausage, 100 grams of chorizo ​​contributes to your body 27 grams protein, Do not forget that you should not abuse these types of products as mentioned above.

9. Pulses

if you are a human being Vegetarian one of two Vegetarianyou will also get high quality protein which are vegetable origin, Masur lentils They are one of the most prominent foods in this category. 100 grams of this pod they contribute 26 grams protein, Furthermore, it is a product that is known for its high iron content.

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10. Almonds

Almond They are a healthy snack and another suitable option for people looking for protein rich foods Of vegetable origin, contains 100 grams 21 grams protein, this is a dried fruits which is characteristic of high nutritional density, contribute probiotics, tryptophan, vitamins From Group B, healthy fatty acids, fiber And mineral,

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