14 richest men in the world according to forbes

The club of billionaires worth more than $100 billion is seeing its ranks swell, testament to an era of unprecedented wealth and inequality (Reuters/Bloomberg)

In the exclusive club of billionaires, where prosperity and success are measured in 12-figure figures, Bernard Arnault was crowned the undisputed king, rising above figures like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. List of richest people in the world forbes Fortunes are constantly fluctuating, but over the past year it has been the French fashion giants who have dominated the scene.

arnaultat the top of the empire lvhmHis wealth has seen a 10% increase over the past year, thanks to another record year for his luxury group which includes prestigious brands Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior And Sephora, With a net worth estimated at $233 billion, the billionaire not only maintains his position at the top, but also establishes an even greater margin over his competitors.

Following closely, Elon MuskWith a net worth of $195 billion, and jeff bezosWith $194 billion, they occupy the second and third positions respectively. Both have enjoyed revolutionary years, though not without challenges, which have seen their wealth fluctuate on the competitive boards of the wealthiest.

In Musk’s case, after holding the title of richest for some time and then seeing his fortunes decline somewhat, he continues to lead ambitious projects. Tesla And spacex,

Mark Zuckerberg It took the fourth position with a net worth of $177 billion, thanks to a remarkable resurgence in the shares of Targetcompany behind Facebook, Instagram, Threads And WhatsApp, among others. Despite recent challenges, the social media leader’s wealth has nearly tripled in the past year, largely due to reinvestment artificial intelligence And this metaverse,

In fifth place, larry ellison Of OracleWith a net worth of $141 billion, it shows that the technology sector remains fertile ground for amassing great wealth. Oracle in particular has enjoyed a 34% increase in its stock price, which has contributed significantly to Ellison’s wealth.

The 2024 Forbes list marks a historic milestone in the concentration of wealth, with a significant increase in the number of billionaires globally (Business Insider)

Beyond the top five spots, the most prominent billionaires club is home to celebrities whose success and fortune are also worthy of recognition. From sixth to fourteenth place we get warren buffettWith a net worth of $133 billion; Bill Gates, with 128 billion and Steve Ballmer, marking 121 billion; In eighth place.

Mukesh Ambaniis the first Asian member of 100 billion club with 116 billion; And going further in the list, Larry Page And Sergey Brin Of GoogleWith assets worth Rs 114 billion and Rs 110 billion respectively.

michael bloombergWith its $106 billion; amancio ortegabehind the famous brand Zara, with 103 billion; And finally, closing this specific group, carlos slim heluMeet this impressive landscape of global wealth and success, with a net worth of $102 billion.

This year, the list forbes A record 2,781 people have been revealed to hold the title of billionaire, with a net worth of $14.2 trillion, a clear reflection of how, for some, wealth is growing on an unprecedented scale. As the world grapples with economic uncertainty, these luminaries prove that their hunger for success and wealth accumulation shows no signs of slowing down.

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