17 major events predicted by NASA for 2024: eclipse, launch and more

These are the main projects that NASA will complete in 2024

17 major events predicted by NASA for 2024: eclipse, launch and more
Orbital-1 rocket, launched in 2014 (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

The year 2024 has comeAnd with this begins a new return to the sun NASA has many plans For this year which is starting. For this reason, NASA was quick to show in a video what main events and missions will soon be conducted. Now, at Andro4All we want to explain to you briefly What does each of them include?What NASA wants to achieve and what its success will mean for our society.

Major events and missions for NASA in 2024

Moon Business Trips

This incident happened on 8 January 2024 NASA’s first commercial flight to the Moon, Under the acronym CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services), the first commercial robot was sent to our nearest satellite, the Peregrine probe. Private company Astrobotic Technology, This will be NASA’s first Moon landing since 1972, more than 50 years ago, although other countries such as India have conducted missions to the Moon.

With this mission, in addition, the CLPS project aims to continue to deepen Take humans to the moon on commercial tripsIt also tries to collect data to improve the results future lunar missions That will be held soon, like critical artemis missions,

Development of VIPER Rover

VIPER (Volatiles Exploring Polar Exploration Rover) a space rover under construction Which is planned to be sent to the Moon in 2024. It’s still in development, but work is underway to send it to our bright satellite this year. In fact, NASA itself has given many information About this rover which is being made in its laboratories.

PRIME-1 (Polar Resource Ice Mining Experiment-1), lunar ice extraction

When VIPER arrives it will have a very important mission sent to the moonBecause it will be in charge of obtaining resources and minerals from the Moon, analyzing them and obtaining important information on a large scale Questions that still have no answersLike how long has water existed on our satellite, and much more Aspects regarding its structure and origin,

Nowadays the Great Impact theory is taken as the most plausible hypothesis, but we will be able to know much more accurate description Thank you about the moon’s past Prime-1 Mission Which is being prepared.

full moon

The Moon will be the protagonist in many NASA projects in 2024

Artemis mission still in progress

after what first artemis missionWith an unmanned spacecraft, was a resounding success for NASA, they continued the project, which Next phase, Artemis IIDue to take place in November 2023. In addition, various details are also being worked out around Artemis III, the next mission to be completed in the future.

Artemis II will be tested Manned trip to the Moon under real conditions To fully accomplish this objective on Artemis III, a mission that Active exploration of the Moon’s south pole,

neil armstrong on the moon

In 1969, man reached the Moon for the first time. Image: Unsplash

Biological simulation of human organs during space travel

there are a lot of doubts around impact How intense can space travel be? in human organsEspecially with regard to trips with astronauts that are being planned so much Moon direction like Mars, Space radiation, the stress of ships leaving the atmosphere, and other phenomena can affect organs in unknown ways, and this is why We want to check it out exactly,

To do this, simulations will be carried out with “organs” Designed with 3D fabric Who will study the effects of exposure to space on them. This will be 3D fabric Microchips that will monitor and simulate growth of these bodies to prevent future risks in manned space incursions.

Development of the spacesuit that will be used on Artemis III

As planned by NASA, the Artemis III mission, which will represent the culmination of the goal Explore the Moon’s South Pole, will be a new step for humanity, entering an area where humans have never been. Therefore, the design of space suits is also important to guarantee that their wearers can enjoy a safe stay,

Artemis III Suit

Living at the Moon’s South Pole Suggests Perfect Development for Artemis III Suit

Development of Human Landing System (HLS) or Human Launch System

Another one of the processes required to complete the mission is launch of technology development, This is usually one of the most important checks, where even the slightest error could indicate mission failure. leave earth’s atmosphere, Therefore, the development of HLS It involves maximum care So that the launch of future missions can proceed normally.

NASA logo with Earth in the background

NASA is one of the main symbols of human space exploration.

Gateway, the first lunar orbital station

Although the International Space Station allows all types of tests and experiments to be conducted, NASA’s goal is to Build Gateway Space StationA new space station which, moon’s revolutionCould be of important use in future missions.

So this project is still in its initial stages No major progress expected in the short term In this project. However, it is expected NASA will give details on January 31 More specific about gateway.

Chandrayaan to explore Moon’s south pole

The moon’s diameter may be only a third of Earth’s, but still, on Artemis III, have the right vehicle Covering greater distances will be important when human exploration of the Moon’s south pole occurs. for that reason, development of these vehicles This is another cornerstone of this ambitious mission.

Research on the International Space Station (ISS)

As has been the case in recent years, the International Space Station will remain a platform Do all kinds of tests and experiments Of scientific nature. Due to its location in the Earth’s exosphere, away from the force of gravity, tests can be performed that are impossible to perform under natural conditions on Earth. Therefore, the ISS will remain in place in 2024 a valuable research center,

nasa 2024 astronaut

The International Space Station will continue to be the protagonist in 2024 missions

nasa commercial takeoff

For this 2024, with Commercial flights already in operationthey will be implemented Two trips to the International Space Station From the hands of SpaceX and its Crew Dragon. The first of these takeoffs, Crew 8, Will take place on 8th FebruaryWhile the second, Crew 9, is planned to be held on 9th August,

Boeing’s commercial flight to ISS

SpaceX isn’t the only private company interested in sending a shuttle to the International Space Station in 2024 boeing’s planAfter 2023 with many logistical problems, which next april This is the first visit of the company. This is what will happen if there is no further delay Boeing’s first trip to ISS,

NISAR mission between NASA and ISRO

ISRO, Indian Space AgencyHas joined NASA on a mission, target on earthImplementation will include SAR radar system Which allows us to monitor our planet’s ecosystems more accurately. Analysis of the Earth at the ecological level has always been of interest to the agencies, and with this collaboration, these powerful radars will allow collect large amounts of information,

nasa office

NASA focuses on both space and Earth missions

Observation of motion (plankton, aerosols, clouds, ocean ecosystems)

Although NASA is known for its desire to explore and investigate the universe, it also tries to focus on its progress Create Projects for Earth, PACE, or monitoring Ocean Ecosystems, Aerosols, Clouds and PlanktonThese four areas are responsible for monitoring the health of the land at the ecological level.

Quest Mission: A supersonic and ultra-quiet aircraft

This also includes NASA development of supersonic aircraft And it is expected to be tested in 2024. This supersonic aircraft is capable of reaching speed of 1,400 kilometers per hourIn addition to reaching supersonic speeds, it has been developed with the aim of silent in view of, This aircraft, the X-59, is the protagonist of the Quest mission.

supersonic aircraft nasa quest x-59

NASA’s supersonic and ultra-quiet aircraft will be tested in 2024

Europa Clipper will launch towards Jupiter’s moon Europa

Europa Clipper Mission There are also plans to organize it in 2024. In this project, NASA will launch the Clipper probe towards Europe, but they do not refer to the Earth continent, but one of jupiter’s moons, It will be a very long journey, billions of kilometers, and it will seek Signs of life beneath its underground waters,

Europa, moon of Jupiter

Europa, Jupiter’s moon, hides large oceans of water beneath its surface

Total eclipse in North America

Next 8th April One of the most remarkable astronomical events in recent years will occur in the form of a total solar eclipse Visible in the United States, Mexico and Canada, mostly. If the eclipse happened a few hours earlier (which it won’t), it could also be seen in Spain, but night would come earlier and it would not be possible to see the eclipsed stars on the old continent.

solar eclipse oregon 2017

2017 solar eclipse sequence from Oregon

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