Neurologist who publishes the most in Alcorcón Hospital

professionals of Alcorcón Foundation University Hospital Throughout 2023, 253 articles have been published in scientific journals impact factor Of 1,164.

Of the total articles, a total of 79 were located in Q1 publications. That is, it is located in the first 25 percent of the ranking. scientific journals,

He h-indexwhich measures both productivity and Impact of publication citationsIt reached its maximum of 107 last year, compared to 102 the previous year.

Similarly, it had 12 active competitive research projects, one of which was European, and 257 Active Clinical Studies With drugs (there were 129 clinical trials). In the total accumulated balance of the hospital since 1997, the total number of scientific publications is 4,240 with approximately 66,000 citations.

According to specifications, the service with the highest number of publications was Neurology, with a total of 27, followed by internal Medicine And cardiologyboth 26, and contagious And digestionBoth 18.

The professionals with the highest number of publications in 2023 were:

  • Lydia VelaHead of Neurology Unit, with 18 publications

  • Raquel Campuzanofrom the cardiology unit and responsible for the cardiac rehabilitation unit, with 17

  • carlos guijarFrom the Internal Medicine Unit, responsible for teaching activities, research and innovation, with 17

These and other data are part of the provisional balance of research activity that the hospital’s research unit carries out at the end of the year, presented Maria VelascoSpecialist in infectious disease unit and responsible for research unit Of the hospital.

keep this year’s statistics Alcorcon Foundation Hospital In leading positions in research activity within hospital centers of similar size and complexity.

Awards for publications and research projects

Similarly, awards have also been given along with the balance of research activity. research projects and scientific publications by Alcorcón Foundation Hospital professionals.

Among the projects that have been awarded:

  • ‘Characterization of the metabolic profile in obese children. NAFLD risk factors (hepatic steatosis) and liver fibrosis’ Aranzazu Recioof pediatric unit
  • ‘Impact of the application of the self-designed PharmaBlood Pharmacological Database on the efficiency of the blood donor selection process in active pharmacological treatment’, from belen sanchez And irene salvadorof pharmacy unit
  • ‘Analysis by next generation sequencing (NGS) of primary and acquired resistance to targeted therapies in patients with solid tumors’, from Jorge Docampo, Elizabeth Jimenez and Oscar CerezoClinical Analysis, Medical Oncology and Pathological Anatomy
  • ‘Barriers to access to health services, help-seeking and treatment adherence in populations at risk of becoming infected with HIV’ Oriol Martin and Domingo PalaciosFrom Infectious Diseases, URJC and Red Cross

Similarly, awards for the best research publications were given in 2023. In the Nursing category, awards were given sergio sanchez romeroFor ‘Distinction between substance-induced mental disorders and non-substance-induced mental disorders and clinical stability’ in addictions.

  • The award went to HUFA Relevant Writer Category elvira coboFrom Pediatrics, for “Increasing incidence and severity of invasive group A streptococcal disease in Spanish children in 2019–2022” in Lancet Reg Health Euro
  • It won the award in the best decile-impact factor category Martha BernardinoFrom Anesthesia and Resuscitation, ‘Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in low-resource settings: a statement by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation, supported by AFEM, EUSEM, IFEM and IFRC’, published in Lancet Globe Health
  • This award went to self publishing category Sabella PerezFrom Allergy, ‘Frequency of fatal and recurrent anaphylaxis due to cow’s milk: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies’, published in Pediatric Allergy Immunology

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