17 most in-demand professions for remote work in 2024

He transmission It has become an aspiration for many people, especially among young people, who prefer the comfort of working from home with just an internet connection rather than commuting to the office daily.

There are many benefits of working remotely, as it allows working from anywhere in the world or at the individual’s choice. Only two elements are needed to make this possible: an Internet connection and a computer.

In many countries, the hybrid model has been adopted, combining in-person work with the possibility of working remotely, with the obligation to be physically present at least two or three days a week.

However, for those who want freedom and control over their schedule when working from home, there are certain profession and business Which provides more opportunities in the world of teleworking.

work from home with internet

More and more companies are adding work from home businesses. More and more companies are adding work from home businesses.

Labor market trends to 2024 They tend to be favored by those who want to work remotely.

In one of the most recent reports done by consultancy firm WTW on the Home Office, they examined that 20% companies consulted in argentina Allow your employees transmission, This percentage is increasing from 2022.

An additional 8% of companies join those already identified as offering full-time teleworking for some segments of their employees.

In addition, there are job roles that involve independent work on projects and those that show a preference for remote work in collaboration with foreign companies.

Technology company Splashtop has identified some job trends Which supports remote job search nationally and internationally.

In this context, they explain that “Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the efficiency of remote work by automating tasks and improving collaboration. The evolving role of cloud programming will further optimize access and collaboration.”

trend towards Remote work will continue to strengthen in 2024 As a method chosen by an increasing number of people around the world. However, becoming an active part of this expanding sector requires acquiring specific skills or studying certain professions.

17 most in-demand professions to work from home

There are 17 professions that are most in demand for teleworking. There are 17 professions that are most in demand for teleworking.

Hostinger, a platform specializing in the hosting and Internet industry, has compiled a list 17 Top Jobs Ideal to Do Remotely,

Among those professions that are known for their ability to work independently and as a freelancer, there are also those that offer greater flexibility.

In this sense, the focus is on the most notable job opportunities technology related professions and information technology (IT) sector in various companies.

  1. Blogger.
  2. affiliate marketing.
  3. Freelancer.
  4. virtual assistant.
  5. Content writer or copywriter.
  6. Youtuber.
  7. website designer.
  8. community Manager.
  9. graphic designer.
  10. Online classes.
  11. Online coach.
  12. Online Consultant.
  13. Customer Service Representative.
  14. Programmer.
  15. data entry.
  16. translator.
  17. video editor.

IT sector of companies

  • Data/BI Analyst.
  • ICT consultant.
  • Digital Project Manager.
  • community Manager.
  • Software developer.
  • ICT technical professional.
  • Digital Marketing Expert.
  • graphic designer.
  • systems Administrator.
  • QA tester.

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