2 Florida areas that made the list of best for buying a home

For many people, the prospect of purchasing your own home is a distant dream. Property prices have increased significantly in recent years This has been one of the worst times for home buyers in the United States, mainly for those who will be transacting for the first time. However, There are two areas in Florida that are attractive for this field.

High mortgage rates and aggressive offers from those paying cash are two factors that have impacted the real estate market, primarily for young buyers. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, The number of first-time home buyers was only 32 percent of all transactions last year, one of the lowest ratios in decades.

Considering the above, the company CreditNews Research found that there are some Major metropolitan areas in the United States that are still attractive to first-time buyers Because they have a good level of mortgage affordability, access to a variety of homes and negotiating power, they can represent a great option for making a first investment in a property.

Specifically regarding Florida, there are two areas that were eligible Among the best metropolitan areas to buy a first-time home:

It was ranked fifth in the global list and ranked as follows among the 50 regions analyzed in detail:

28 on the Mortgage Affordability Index.

Market accessible 4.

In bargaining power 32.

1 in job growth rank.

In habitual level 1.

  • Miami – Fort Lauderdale – West Palm Beach

The region was ranked 7th on the list with the following ratings:

Ranked 33rd in mortgage affordability.

Within market reach 9.

In bargaining power 5.

In economic development 5.

16 in habitual level.

House prices have increased significantly in recent years.


Other areas of the United States that are ideal for first-time home buyers

According to the models taken into account by CreditNews Research, there are others Metropolitan areas that are ideal for first-time home buyers. These are the top 10 places:

  1. pittsburgh
  2. Austin-Round Rock
  3. San Antonio-New Braunfels
  4. birmingham-hoover
  5. jacksonville
  6. New Orleans-Metairie
  7. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach
  8. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
  9. cleveland-elyria

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