historical record! The euro has risen to unprecedented levels on the Cuban exchange market

Record prices for the euro continue in Cuba. The European bloc’s currency is leading the rise in prices at the informal currency exchange market on the island this March 26. We give its details below.

The euro starts the day with an unprecedented surge in the informal currency exchange market in Cuba, recording an unprecedented value. This unpredictable behavior creates uncertainty about the cost of other foreign currencies and the freely convertible currency (MLC). The euro rises on occasion, but the US dollar and MLC remain stable, at least as of this minute.

Cuba experienced fluctuations in foreign currencies over the weekend. The US dollar and the euro witnessed gains, while the freely convertible currency (MLC) remained stable with minor gains. However, the dynamics have changed this Monday and Tuesday. The value of the dollar currently remains the same, but the euro has set a new historical record in Cuba.

Today’s record of euro price in Cuba

According to a daily report from media El Talk, which independently studies the buying and selling of currencies in social media groups, reported on the morning of March 26 that the dollar remained at an average price of 330 Cuban pesos. MLC remains at 275 pesos. While in Cuba the price of the euro recorded another record, reaching 338 Cuban pesos today. He The euro is bought and sold today at 338 pesos.

As can be seen, the European currency has reached an unprecedented value in Cuba’s informal exchange market. This new record creates uncertainty about the future of the exchange market on the island.

It is important to remember that the informal exchange market is highly volatile and prices can change frequently. It is recommended to consult this type of information to get updated information on the value of different currencies.

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