2 home runs and 6 RBI vs. Phillies

major League Baseball A new and exciting campaign for this fantastic game is about to begin. Under this pre-season process, great stars have come to light, completely different from those who are already established in the medium.

He “Baycare Ballpark”The area was in charge of the clashes that took place at the beginning of the week (Monday, March 18) between pittsburgh pirates and those at home (PHI).

Oneil Cruz took no pity on Philadelphia’s pitching

A similar scene was seen in the first shift of the day also. crossBefore shipment of local opener tyler phillips, However, he had no luck on this occasion and failed to hit a fly ball to left field.

But this was not cause for concern, because, in the second inning, with two outs and a man on third base, oneil cruz Contributed sand particles with a simple tugboat 110.9 mph In the right field, making the actions 3×0.

The most exciting thing came true in the top of the third. after the rally pittsburgh, again Quisqueyan managed to take advantage of his chance, this time with a score of 6×0. The reliever’s six pitches were enough. Daniel Harper So that cross Sentenced to a kilometer home run 419 feetWho added three more for the Pirates.

The people present in the stadium were filled with amazement after seeing the grandeur. cross He sent the ball at the right time for his franchise.

still, onil I still had more to show. In the fifth inning, before the repertoire of spencer turnbullShortstop with a 1-2 count pittsburgh He swung a curveball that hit the plate at 77.4 MPH.

The result was the seventh home run. oneil cruz, facing the same direction as the sixth, between right and center field. The distance covered on this occasion 403 feet at the speed of 106.4MPH, With that he set the score at an impressive 11×1.

oneil cruz He was substituted in the bottom of the sixth inning and finished his peak performance with four at-bats, three hits, two of which were home runs, six runs batted in and two runs batted in. For a hitting average of .355 and OPS of 1.476.

It is very interesting to observe the developments within the ranks of the Dominicans. pittsburgh pirates, It remains to be seen how he develops this season and whether he will establish himself as one of the most important offensive spark plugs in the ninth.

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