Mad Max director defends Anya Taylor-Joy’s role

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Mad Max director George Miller has tapped Anya Taylor-Joy to replace Charlize Theron in Furiosa.

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2015. mad max fury roadA fake sequel but a true reboot of the fast and furious saga, arrives without warning. Or almost. in front of Tom HardyWhose cult plays a role Mel Gibson In 80’swe see Charlize Theron, The shaved head, bionic arm and dirty tank top are the epitome of the actress furiosa, A mysterious fighter, the adopted daughter of Terrible. immortal joeA fugitive chased into the heart barren, real star of fury road, it’s hers. PIt is surprising that, almost ten years later, George Miller, the historical director of the Mad Max saga, delivered a prequel to the famous character. But but good without Charlize Theron in the title role Anya Taylor-Joy,

Forever young

exit Charlize Theron, Welcome Anya Taylor-Joy. British-American actress, recently seen peaky blinders And dune 2, replacing Charlize Theron in the role of Furiosa. The reason? The prequel chronicles the anti-heroine’s youth. Initially, in addition, George Miller thought of using d agingTo create a young Charlie, understand digital rejuvenation. “I started thinking we could make Charlize younger.“, the filmmaker said in an interview empire magazine, ,Then I liked filmmakers ang lee And Martin Scorsesewith gemini man And IrishmanAnd I saw that the problem was not really solved.Here, George Miller points to the side dummy And smooth Of d aging Actors of both these films.

the second one is

So, instead of a d aging Furiosa’s risky – even messy – take on George Miller’s choice of remaking the desert warrior with a young actress. And, In factCorresponds to Furiosa’s estimated age in this prequel. mad Max, In the same interview with American Cinema magazine the director defended his choice of actress: “He is a very determined and tough person. These are two qualities that are innate in Anya Taylor-Joy.“For him, Furiosa has a new interpreter.”a mysterious sideWhich is a perfect fit for the role previously played by Charlize Theron. he adds : “She trained as a ballet dancer at a very young age. Charlie also took training in classical dance at a very young age. They have this precision that was necessary (to play Furiosa).” From the ballet Gun ShotThere’s only one step…she’ll take Anya as Furiosa!

sound and fury

What Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga Is this the name? Expanding the cult franchise’s mythology, first of all, reveals a little more about the Wasteland universe. Then, essentially, a proper introduction fury road, George Miller seeks to delve into Furiosa’s past to show how she ended up escaping from Immortan Joe and his soldiers as an adult. Also, in the first official trailer, we realize that Furiosa still has her two good arms and the hair she had at the beginning. Then, during the last shot, almost already iconic, she appears bald again, made up like Charlize Theron. fury roadA bionic arm attached to his body. A heroine unlike herself is born. The story is going on. furiosa takes it out 22 May 2024 at the movie theater.

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