2,697 residents of the Timely Graduation Program receive their medical specialty degrees

School Service Secretary on 19, 20 and 21 February The UNAM Faculty of Medicine awarded medical specialization degrees to 2,697 residents who successfully completed the graduate program on time.

The documents were distributed in the lobby of “Dr. Raoul Fournier Villada”, of 9:00 am to 6:00 pmWith citations in alphabetical order.

Dr. María de los Ángeles Fernández Altona and Jesús Christopher Valdez Torres, Secretary of School Services of the Faculty of Medicineexplained that it is a program of excellence characterized by the fact that residents meet a series of requirements to be able to choose their academic degree the same day they graduate.

In a “normal” undergraduate, it usually takes five to six months for the degree to be issued (each time they graduate). The benefit of a timely graduation program is that they receive their degree on time, so they can immediately begin other important processes such as certification before various specialty councils., among other things, obtain your specialist certificate, thus being able to join the labor market. All residents who managed to attend this program of excellence completed their thesis and completed their procedures more than seven months in advance, pursuing their research work with the approval of their teachers and teaching heads .

proud of their effort

Pediatrician Jaira Leticia Chu Martínez expressed her joy at completing this stage of her life, because “Academically it is very heavy because you have to see patients, study, take exams, write theses and articles. But now I am very happy with the results.”

Medical oncology resident Manuel Eduardo Aguilera Bailon recalls that he saw himself achieving his expertise when he was 12 years old, and now that he has accomplished it, he has advice for new generations “Never lose sight of your goal, keep trying, be patient and never doubt yourself because dreams do come true.”

Family medicine resident Antalia Castillo Pérez dedicated this accomplishment to her children, husband and parents and announced that she intends to continue to grow professionally.“In medicine you have to study all the time, so I would like to do a sub-specialization, prepare myself more for the benefit of patients.”

Anesthesiology resident Manuel Araiza Sanchez thanked his family for always motivating him to continue his education further: “I’m already in subspecialty, now I’m going to intensive care. It is not a small race, but it is very worthwhile if we do it with love and dedication.

Neurological ophthalmology resident Carolina Bonifacio Navarro noted that “I can’t believe this achievement, I am incredibly happy and grateful to God and my family. Every sacrifice has been worthwhile; Now I plan to return to my country Bolivia and pursue my profession there.”

Photos by Briseida Lopez, Pamela Gomez, Carlos Diaz and Adrian Alvarez


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