4 Common Diseases That Can Be Treated With Traditional Chinese Medicine

In western medicine, high level of expertise often causes excessive division in which we forget that the body is a whole, Thus, in the end, someone who is suffering from circulation problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, flatulence, arthritis, hearing loss or oral problems is forced to make a pilgrimage through the concerned specialists.

Furthermore, a lack of vision of the body as a whole means Each doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment for the disease that falls under his expertise. And the patient needs an agenda to control the endless medication.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) controls energy flow In the organism, something “incomprehensible” from the point of view of Western science. This allows to address diseases that involve different organs simultaneously.

For Chinese medicine, everything that happens in the body and mind has its origin and cause in each organ, which in turn is closely related to the patient’s environment. no one should forget Interaction of the body with nature. The environmental environment determines not only the presence of one or another type of diseases, but also the type of treatment.

Below we take a look at four common diseases and what traditional Chinese medicine approaches when treating them:

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