4 effective exercises to remove sagging hands in women over 50 according to a trainer

Working out the upper body is one of the pending issues for many women who stay active only by walking daily. Also one of those people who prefers to train legs in the gym because honestly, it’s a lot less expensive for us. In general, arm exercises oppose us forks turning 50 When laxity begins to appear, especially in the triceps area. To deal with this, it is very important to pay attention to adopting a healthy lifestyle, that is, take care of our eating habits in such a way that we give priority to foods low in fat and sugar and try to exercise daily.

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4 exercises to eliminate loose arms

For the latter it is also important to know how to select What exercises are we going to do It depends on the objective we want to achieve and, if you have come this far, I think it is because you want to strengthen your arms and avoid the so-called bat wings . so We have compiled 4 exercises That trainer Vanessa Ricciardi, known on social networks for the dissemination of fitness content, chooses to reduce fat in this area. They are very simple and if you do not have weights on hand you can do them at home using a water bottle.

triceps extension

Use a dumbbell or water bottle (if you don’t have one) and lean your body forward, keeping your back straight and knees half bent, keeping your arm close to your body and performing a triceps extension. (3 sets of 14 repetitions).

seated elbow extension

Use a chair to sit and raise one arm up while keeping your back straight. Then, with the same weight you used in the previous exercise, take your arm behind your head, extending your elbow to its maximum range. Finally pick it up again and it’s a repeat. (3 sets of 14 repetitions).

triceps squats

A classic for working your arms. Use a chair as a support point and rest your palms on them with your fingers facing outwards. Lower yourself to the ground and lift up again, focusing your strength on your triceps. If this is difficult for you, you can adopt the option proposed by the instructor with elastic bands. (3 sets of 14 repetitions).

rubber extension

Finally we end with a very simple task that is performed with a circular elastic band as resistance. Like the previous one, this is an elbow extension that we will do on the circular rubber that we will be using. Follow Vanessa’s example to perform the movement correctly. (3 sets of 14 repetitions).

Tip: Be patient as results do not appear as quickly as we would like. You have to be consistent and disciplined.

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