6 records in the NBA that seem almost impossible to break: LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson…

last weekend LeBron James reached a new milestone in his successful NBA basketball career, breaking the 40,000-point barrier. is being made The first player of all time to reach this figure.

It seems that this mark will be difficult to beat or at least will take a long time for another Off the charts and once again stepped onto the NBA floor And managed to struggle to reach this monstrous figure, finishing second Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored 38,387 pointsWhich in itself already seems a figure very far from being reached.

That said, there are other records that seem impossible to break and remain in the history books until a new benchmark appears on the horizon and one of the best players of all time in the NBA, like Foam. Can rise to Olympus. ,

6 records that seem almost impossible to break in the NBA

  • LeBron James scores over 40,000 points
  • 11 rings found by bill russell
  • Michael Jordan’s 6 Finals MVPs
  • Magic Johnson’s Finals MVP in his rookie year
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s 6 MVPs
  • John Stockton’s 15,000 aid

However, one can also add the huge number of triples made by ‘Chef’ Stephen Curry with the Golden State Warriors, which has reached 3,656 so far and will continue to increase as he remains active in the NBA.

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