7 iOS 17 functions very relevant to your iPhone that few people know about

Discover the most interesting new features of iOS 17, the current version of Apple’s iPhone operating system

7 iOS 17 functions very relevant to your iPhone that few people know about
iOS 17 is packed with great software features

Apple presented iOS 17 during WWDC 2023 with many new features, such as several improvements in Messages, the innovative sleep mode, the NameDrop function or attractive interactive widgets and many others. Later, In September 2023, the Cupertino firm officially releases the iOS 17 update For all iPhone models supported by this version.

Since then, we have shared all kinds of compilations with iOS 17 tricks and new features so that our readers can Make the most of the most interesting new features of the iPhone operating system, But there’s a lot to play with in iOS 17, there are still tons of new features in the pipeline!

In this guide we share A series of iOS 17 functions that few users know about And, probably, you haven’t tried it yet. These are some very important iOS 17 developments that, for various reasons, have received a little more attention than the rest, as was the case with this useful iOS 17 feature. Will you join us to find them?

7 cool iOS 17 features for your iPhone

ios 17 features

iOS 17 is available with a variety of improvements

The iPhone operating system integrates more and more functions, making it difficult to remember how to use them all. Especially with iOS 17, with the arrival of a large number of important features. next, The most relevant functions of iOS 17 For your iPhone.

screen distance

ios 17

screen distance setting process

In efforts to protect the comfort, convenience, and health of its users, Apple has been releasing various software updates for the iPhone Specially designed functions to take care of our habits And the use we give to the iPhone. Obviously, iOS 17 has been no exception.

This happened in the old days with Screen Time, which would warn us if we spend too much time using the iPhone; with driving mode, to silence notifications while we are driving; or even with night shiftA display mode that changes the tone of the screen, eliminating blue light so as not to harm our vision.

Now, with the arrival of iOS 17, another one of these functions has been implemented to take care of the health of iPhone users. we are talking about something screen distance As its name indicates, it warns the user if they are looking too close to the iPhone screen.

“To reduce the risk of developing childhood eye strain and myopia, the Screen Distance feature will prompt you to hold your iPhone or iPad with Face ID at a safe distance from your eyes.”

This iOS 17 feature automatically calculates the distance between the screen and your eyes range of about 30 centimeters To protect you from vision problems.

  • opens Adjustment In iOS 17.
  • access section use time,
  • select function screen distance,
  • press continue if necessary.
  • activate box screen distance,

personal voice

ios 17

This feature reproduces your voice to play any audio

Another one of those features of iOS 17 that a lot of people aren’t really using on their iPhone – perhaps due to the complexity of its use and the longevity of the process – is this. personal voice, This new version of iOS 17 is able to make your voice sound exactly like you through any text you type. As Phil Schiller would say… Artificial Intelligence? My ass!

The Personal Voice setup process really isn’t that complicated. But for iOS 17 you will need at least 15 minutes to recreate your voice Record up to 150 phrases with your voice during the process, However you can do this in several different sessions.

  • opens Adjustment On your iPhone.
  • enter section simple use,
  • Is acceptable personal voice,
  • Press Create a personal voice,
  • Follow the instructions to record your voice.
  • Press the side button three times to activate the function.

Devices compatible with Personal Voice:

  • iPhone 12 or later.
  • iPad Air 5 or later.
  • iPad Pro 11″ 3rd generation or later.
  • iPad Pro 12.9″ 5th Generation
  • Mac with Apple Silicon processor.

voice in real time

ios 17

Real-time voice allows you to select a voice to play audio from text

Now that you know how to recreate your personal voice with iOS 17, you may also be interested in other new voice functions for iPhone. It’s about function voice in real time And it is designed to play audio from text with predefined voices.

Similar to Personal Voice, this iOS 17 feature is included An extensive list of voices available with different accents, For example, for the Spanish language we have accents from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Of course, to start using a new pronunciation you have to download the voice first.

  • Access settings from ios 17,
  • enter section simple use,
  • Go voice in real time,
  • Choose a voice.
  • press three times side button,
  • Type the message you want to play.

Read news with Siri

Sir, I

Siri is able to read any text supported by Safari Reader

It’s all about sounds today, isn’t it? There is another feature of iOS 17 that allows Play an audio with Siri, this time to read news from websites, in this case,

To get Siri to start reading a news story with iOS 17, just use a simple voice command, as long as you’re visiting a website with a readable article.

  • opens safari In iOS 17.
  • Access a news or web article like this one.
  • Active Sir, I,
  • use voice commands “Read it to me”,

share password

ios 17

iOS 17 lets you create groups to share passwords

Are you tired of repeating your Wi-Fi password every time you have a guest over? Now, with iOS 17, you can share passwords more easily.

One of the new features of iOS 17 offers the possibility of creating a group to share passwords and access keys. What does this actually mean? Basically other users will also be able to Use your password using your own Face ID facial recognition or Touch ID fingerprint sensor, Exactly?

  • open the application Adjustment In iOS 17.
  • reach again passwords,
  • Press , choose more new shared group,
  • Alternatively, press the button Start In the Share passwords and access keys section.
  • Enter the name of the group.
  • press Add people,
  • Select which passwords you want to share.

Find your Apple Watch

apple watch

New iOS 17 button to issue a “ping” on Apple Watch

iOS 17 Control Center is introduced A new button that is used to find your Apple Watch If you have lost it. After pressing this button with a clock-shaped icon, your Apple Watch will start making a sound so you can find it more quickly.

  • opens Adjustment On your iPhone.
  • enter section control center,
  • Add an Apple Watch shaped icon.

Share music with SharePlay

We end this selection of iOS 17 features for iPhone with a big star (that many people don’t know about) of Apple’s “software” panorama. We are talking Improvements implemented in SharePlay Which, with iOS 17, is now able to share music with other users in an almost magical way.

If you want to share a song with someone, All you have to do is bring your iPhone closer to them, Very easy. An operation similar to NameDrop (sharing contact data) that is implemented within SharePlay, a system designed for sharing videos, screens and now music.

name drop

This innovation works in the same way as Namedrop

With this new feature, all you have to do is bring your iPhone close to another iPhone… and connect. This is not even a metaphor. This means it is in front of you. Both phones actually connect at the same time and play the same song.

  • open an app SharePlay compatible.
  • Move your iPhone closer to someone else’s iPhone.
  • tap on shareplay,
  • Wait for the invitation to be accepted.

these are some The most important functions of iOS 17 to make the most of all the technical potential of your iPhone, With a little luck you still didn’t know about any of these functions or, failing that, you didn’t have the opportunity to try them out yet. enjoy them!

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