“It is disappointing; There are dissatisfied players”


Cristiano Ronaldo He made headlines at the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai. The Portuguese won the award for Best Scorer of 2023 and in his speech he assured that he is very happy to play in Saudi Arabia at the age of almost 39.

French Ligue 1’s harsh reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo: They hit him where it hurts most

captain of al nassar He said the Arab League has already overtaken France’s Ligue 1 and will soon be one of the three most important on the planet.

However, the opinion of one of his colleagues could not be more inappropriate Christian, He even said that he felt a little disappointed in playing in that championship and that he would consider other options.

“It is a big change compared to Europe, but in the end everything is adaptation, they have not made it easy for us. In fact, there are many players who are dissatisfied, but that’s okay… We are working on it every day, talking and seeing if it improves a little bit, because it’s something new for them too It is,” he assured. Aymeric Laporte in an interview for as newspaper After the Globe Soccer Awards.

Aymeric Laporte does not agree with Cristiano Ronaldo's opinion about the Saudi Arabian league.

The Spanish defender, who decided to leave Manchester City to sign with al nassar, believes that the atmosphere in the Arab League is very different. “This is visible in everyday life. Life for them…they take everything for granted. The ultimatum you can give them means nothing to them. They go to their ball. You negotiate something and they don’t accept it after you sign. They fight with you. They take some things away from you, but in other aspects they give you.”

Do you want to leave Arabia?

The most relevant thing was his last phrase in the interview, where he claims to evaluate the possibility of leaving Saudi Arabia despite the fact that his partner Christian He says it will be one of the best in the world.

“At the moment I haven’t thought about leaving, but if I get frustrated in such a short time, you’d wonder what to do. That moment has not come yet, but it could happen in the future if this dynamic continues like this,” said the centre-back.

It must be remembered that players love it Benzema, neymar And Jordan Henderson They reached the Saudi League last summer. Even the English midfielder regretted it and spent only six months at the club. Al-Ettifaq, This week he returned to the Old Continent and signed with ajax From Amsterdam.

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