After Amber Heard, an actor complained about being cut during editing

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Like Amber Heard, an actor has accused the screenwriter of Aquaman 2 of reducing his screen time in the film.

Amber Heard makes very little appearance in Aquaman 2

The year 2023 has been disastrous for Warner Bros. Studios. great success of wonka Doesn’t help DCU matters at Christmas. The universe in the hands of James Gunn and Peter Safran wasn’t as profitable as its rival Marvel last year. Latest example, aquaman 2, second part of The Jason Momoa-led franchise (dune, Like its predecessor, it will not cross the billion dollar mark. His world tour ended with 400 million greenbacks in Warner’s coffers. A good score despite everything compared to other DCU protests shine And blue beetle,

Amber Heard’s fight against Aquaman

If exit ofaquaman 2 made a lot of noise This is also the reason for this on social networks amber herd case, The actress, who played Mera in the aquatic franchise, significantly reduced her on-screen presence in the final cut. Warner Bros. She made the radical decision in reaction to her conviction for defamation during the trial, which pitted her against her former partner Johnny Depp. Aquaman’s interpreter may have insisted that the studio decide to fire him. , Jason said he wants to fire me, He was dressed “like Johnny (Depp) with all his rings”. According to the American magazine, the actress revealed Diversity. Another actor was also brutally cut with scissors.

An actor is missing in Aquaman 2

At the microphone of our colleagues at ComicBook Media, actor dolph lundgren ,creed 2, the expendables 4) reports this Film screenplay by James Wan written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick Used to be changed a lot, During rewriting, His character, King Nereus, gradually disappeared., “I just realized it was kind of a normal decision: They wanted to Limit Amber Heard’s role, but i played her father my role was also reduced, , he explains in the interview. The actor revealed in the saga rocky Judge for your part , the original story was great , The original cut, of which (he) could see part of, was really good! ,, Neither James Wan nor the screenwriter have yet commented on Dolph Lundgren’s exit.

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