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The declaration of a Palestinian state by the United States is the only option to permanently end 70 years of war and disagreements between Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East. There is no one else and there never will be.

The first person to realize and declare the delayed Palestinian state is the current President Joe Biden, who has been inactive since being condemned for crimes against humanity and genocide by the International Court of Justice in Hague, Holland, which has been extended by the international community, which Already raises and announces these serious allegations also include the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, the far-right and Nazi Benjamin Netanyahu.

The indisputable thesis and vision of declaring a Palestinian state, which is besieged and captured by the Israeli army in the West Bank, where more than 500 Jewish colonies take away the Palestinians’ inheritance, as well as the continuous siege of Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip, come to the fore. Has come. Faced with the threat of Palestinian annihilation, when this January 12, the United States Secretary of State (Chancellor), Anthony Blinken, said during his visit to Cairo:

Declaration of Palestinian state by America
Joe Biden, President of the United States.

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“The way to resolve the Hebrew-Palestinian conflict is to create an independent Palestinian state.”

Blinken was on his fifth trip to the Middle East in an effort to resolve the recent war between the Palestinians and Hamas, the fourth, the seven-year captivity of 2.7 million Palestinians by the IDF (Israeli army), was to visit the heads of state of Turkey . Greece, Jordan, West Bank, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Bahrain and Egypt.

Concluding that exhausting tour in search of resolving a very serious conflict with genocidal characteristics due to the atrocities of the State of Israel against Hamas, 31 thousand dead, 60 thousand injured, seven thousand missing, ten thousand dead children, 6 thousand serious injuries immediate. Medical aid needed is non-existent, 27% of Gaza’s infrastructure destroyed, 1.7 million displaced people wandering aimlessly, 23 out of 53 hospitals destroyed by the IDF, food crisis, health , Water, Electricity, By January 15, Date of writing This work, they present a frightening and hopeless scenario that was never seen in the Middle East, which Blinken clearly understood, according to the expression of his interviewees, it It was impossible to continue and end once and for all.

The current Dantesque scenario, a miniature version of an Armageddon, erupted on October 7, 2023, when Hamas members broke into adjacent Israeli territory on paragliders, launched more than five thousand rockets, infiltrated a Jewish festival, killing 1,200 people. Murdered, raped, burnt alive. The abduction of 250 people, including women and foreigners, a reprehensible act of barbarity without any justification, detaining 2.7 million Palestinians in 550 square kilometers by air, sea and land and causing painful incurable mental consequences of seven years, the largest known in history. Open prisons, better than communist gulags in the Russian taiga.

Voices condemning genocide by Israel began to be heard for the first time in South Africa, January 12, Mass killings, forced displacement, genocide, systematic inhumane language were Pretoria’s terms, urging the International Court of Criminal Justice (ICJ). Standing at the Peace Palace in The Hague, and hundreds of diplomats shouting and accusing Israel of its excesses in Gaza, an accusatory spectacle had never been seen before.

That day, 12 January, King Felipe VI of Spain spoke out for the release of hostages in Gaza and recognition of the Palestinian state.

January 11, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Palestinian National Authority (PNA) President Mahmoud Abbas, the chrysalis of a rigid Palestinian state as the entity that would resolve a lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis, the distorted project of Israeli ethnicity. Rejected. The separation of Gaza from the West Bank, which in reality already exists there, is Israel’s theft of the original territories of Palestine marked by UN Resolution 181 of November 29, 1947, which ended the British Mandate in Palestine (1517–1947). divided into two kingdoms, one Arab, the other Hebrew, Nabqa, unfortunately, as the Arabs define,
January 12, Chile, the Arab League, Iran, Brazil and Colombia condemned Israel’s massacre in Gaza, in a virtual consensus among countries censuring Israel’s massacre in Gaza, in contrast to the terror affirmation by the United States and Great Britain. The clash of worlds, and those who condemn it. prohibit

On January 9, for the first time, the Spanish news agency EFE described the Dantesque scenario caused by Israel in Gaza, worth reading to the world because of the exact words of Jewish Nazi terror, where the only thing missing was to contain Hitlerite swastika.

“Gaza is simply no longer livable. Its people are the subject of daily threats to their existence, while the world watches,” EFE reported in its critical review on January 12. The United States, despite a tsunami of Israeli genocide complaints, finds the genocide charge against Israel unfounded. Tells.

The expansion of the conflict in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen where Houthis pirate traders in support of Hamas run ships through the Red Sea, through which 15% of the global market flows, making freight costs more expensive and resulting Global inflation is affected.

Both Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu are guilty of crimes against humanity, genocide and humanitarian barbarism for their reprehensible misconduct against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank and all rulers who support genocide, ethnic cleansing and land theft. From Israel. To the Palestinians in the West Bank.

The injustice and horrors must end forever with President Joe Biden’s declaration of Palestinian statehood, only by respecting the 1993 Oslo Accords and President George Bush Jr.’s road map, without which, there will never be peace in Palestine.


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