7 out of 10 women believe that makeup causes mood changes

International Happiness Day is celebrated every March 20 and one way to boost each person’s happiness is to establish routines that cultivate well-being.

One of the key aspects of fostering this state of mind is strengthening self-esteem, which directly impacts people’s daily lives. A survey conducted with various women indicated that makeup helps improve mood.

According to the Avon survey “Get rid of your doubts: self-esteem and makeup”, it was established that 7 out of 10 women believe that makeup changes mood, provides energy, security and connection; While 6 out of 10 say that makeup helps them express their mood.

Makeup can be used to highlight women’s features.

Respondents highlighted that makeup positively influences their perception of happiness and emotional well-being. Therefore, it becomes a tool that enhances your personal image while also being a means of expression and emotional catalyst. For this reason, the use of makeup intensifies the degree of self-esteem.

,By feeling more confident and connected to themselves, women experience an increase in their personal satisfaction and ability to face everyday challenges with a positive attitude. At Avon we believe in the transformative power of makeup to lift women’s spirits and strengthen their self-esteem,” commented Mariana Londoño, Head of Communications at Avon Ecuador.

Women can use makeup as a tool to highlight their features which can have a positive impact on self-esteem.

Additionally, there are aesthetic benefits, with 3 out of 4 women seeing an association with authenticity in makeup: making them feel proud of how they look and highlighting their skin tone.

Women believe that makeup works to enhance the image, the most important thing is to enhance the look (93%), but also to give glow throughout the day (85%) and highlight the features (83%).

International Happiness Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the importance of looking after our emotional health and finding positive ways of self-expression.

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