7 reasons why you haven’t installed iOS 17.4 on your iPhone yet

We convince you to install iOS 17.4 for 7 important reasons, including security issues, emojis, and alternative stores in the EU.

7 reasons why you haven't installed iOS 17.4 on your iPhone yet
Final iOS 17.4 update with big changes especially in EU

The guys from Cupertino have released iOS 17.4 a few weeks ago and recently iOS 17.4.1 in which they fix details and errors seen in the previous version. Thus, iOS 17.4 is one of the great versions of iOS 17 and brought with it a revolution in the EU Thanks to the Digital Markets Law. Surely if you are reading this it is because you have not updated to the latest version yet. Today we will tell you 7 reasons to install it,

critical security solutions

While it is true that when Apple releases supplemental security updates they can be installed even if you do not have the latest version of iOS, it is important that you take full advantage of this update. Issues that iOS 17.4 fixes are related to the iPhone kernelwhich is the core of iOS and rtkitOperating system that runs on iPhone, Apple Watch and also includes AirPods.

Updating an iPhone

iOS 17.4.1 is a big update

Whenever Apple updates its operating system version for security reasons, it is advised to do so. A malicious user can bypass kernel protection and hack your device without saving it.

new emoji

The good thing is that Apple has released new emoji. There are a total of 118 emojis, taking into account variations in color and form.Plus we have 6 emojis of people with instructions, 4 familiar emojis and 6 new emojis in all their expressions: a mushroom, a broken chain, a phoenix, a file and two heads that move vertically and horizontally. If you don’t install iOS 17.4, they can send you one of these emojis and the iPhone won’t recognize it,


New emoji in iOS 17.4

They now have transcripts for podcast lovers

Wow, Apple has tried to complement the great experiences in its mobile operating system. As it has done with Apple Music, Apple Podcasts adds transcription support for your favorite podcasts, These transcriptions are generated automatically and the text will be highlighted to match what is being heard.

As in Apple Music, You can touch any text and the audio will play at that moment, You can also search for a specific part using the search function. It is compatible with podcasts in Spanish, English, French and German,


Apple introduces podcast transcription in iOS 17.4

More battery information for iPhone 15

This is great news for iPhone 15 users as they will be able to see more information about their device’s battery, you can see now How many cycles have you done? And it was used for the first time. Unfortunately this is not available for older models.

The guys from Cupertino promised better battery control and they are achieving it by saying that it works much better than previous versions of the iPhone. This is because the iPhone 15 battery will retain 80% of its original capacity after 1000 full charge cycles.Far more than $500 on the iPhone 14 and earlier models.

More about the battery in iPhone 15

More about the battery in iPhone 15

device theft protection

Since iOS 17.3, Cupertino introduced an interesting theft protection mechanism. Now with iOS 17.4 the changes made to this section have improved security with respect to latency. If iPhone detects a location where you normally areFor example at home or in frequently visited places, The hacker must wait before making changes such as passwords or Apple ID information.,

This is of great help to the user who may be a victim of theft, especially in cases where we can trace and trace the iPhone.

better music recognition

iPhone Shazam Music Recognition

There’s a new way to take advantage of Shazam with iOS 14.

Do you use Shazam on your iPhone? For many versions of iOS, Music recognition is amazing because it works seamlessly now, If you find an interesting song playing on the street or on the radio, You can save these songs to your Apple Music library instantlySpotify will lose one point if you use an iPhone.

The version that changed the history of iOS in the EU

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, iOS 17.4 breaks history in Apple as EU users will be able to get alternative app markets, i.e., The App Store will no longer be the exclusive provider of apps on the iPhone, Choosing a default browser is another reality of this change.

You can also use Apple Pay’s alternative digital wallets, Other apps that are compatible with contactless payments will be able to use the iPhone’s NFC chip. In this post we will review each of the important upcoming changes. Web apps are also confirmed after you indicate that they will be removed.

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