9/11 prisoner gets pregnant in prison and they want to force her to have an abortion

Barbara Isaac Roque, mother of political prisoner 11J lisdani rodriguez isaacreported that her daughter became pregnant during a marital encounter with her husband, also a political prisoner, and was being forced to have an abortion.

“Lisdani and her husband, after years of waiting for a child to be born, met in the marital pavilion and, to the surprise of both, she became pregnant with a long-awaited child. “She is approximately seven weeks pregnant,” the prisoner’s mother said in a statement sent to the organization. Prisoner Guard (PD),

State security officers at the Guamzale prison in Villa Clara are allegedly forcing the young woman to have an abortion.

“She never got pregnant in her life and coincidentally at this bad time she got pregnant and she does not want to carry it out. He’s six weeks old, almost seven weeks old. And they are not giving him good food there. There is no medicine, there is nothing,” decried the mother of a political prisoner.

In view of this situation, the state security is pressurizing the prisoner to undergo abortion.

“Now state security wants to put pressure on her to remove the child. She told me that she did not want to take the child out. He feels very bad. There is no Gravinol for dizziness. There is no medicine there. They are not treating her because they want to force her to get it out,” he said.

“She fears for her life, that they will force her to take it out and something will happen to her. And I fear for his life too,” he added.

Barbara Isaac learned the news through a phone call made by her other daughter, Lidiani, who is also a political prisoner.

Lisdaini and Lidiani are 25 years old and have three children.

Two of the three sisters have been captured and are being held in the Guamzala women’s prison in Santa Clara They serve eight years in prison For participating in the anti-government protests of July 11, 2021.

On July 15, 2021, officials They arrested Lisdani Rodriguez Isaacs and her sister LisdaniFor their peaceful participation in the protests on 11J.

Both the sisters, teaching assistants by profession, had no criminal record at the time of their arrest. However, it did not matter to the Placetas Municipal Prosecutor’s Office. Demanded 10 years jail for him For the alleged offenses of public disorder, contempt and assault.

In March 2022 it was reported that he received an eight-year prison sentence.

The UN has recently defended its cause in a charge sheet sent by four Special Rapporteurs and the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

Both political prisoners are members of the Cuban Association of Free Yorubas, an independent Santería community.

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