A beloved Cuban veterinarian murdered in Ciego de Ávila

The body of a Cuban veterinarian was found this Friday in the municipality mazaguaIn Ciego de Ávila, as announced on social networks by a colleague and friend, who explained The probable motive for the crime was theft of a motorcycle.

“This morning, on the outskirts of the city of Mazagua, the body of Dr. Israel Enrique Gomez BenitezVeterinarian from the city of Mazagua,” Fernando Gispert wrote on Facebook.

“Everything indicates that Dr. Israel was the victim of an attack to steal his electric motorcycle.”said the source, who added that the deceased veterinarian had more than 30 years of experience and was well-loved by the residents of his town.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends. Isra, may you always be found, you will always be with us with your constant happiness. Rest in peace, dear friend,” he concluded.

Facebook Capture/Fernando Gispert

In the comments section, dozens of people mourned his death and many Internet users emphasized that he was passionate about his profession.

“Very sad news, yesterday we had our Clinic and Surgery Society meeting and we shared an unprecedented time. Israel was happy and satisfied and told us that when he went to America he did not stay there because he could not practice veterinary medicine, which was his passion, in addition to the fact that the English language was a problem for him. ‘Here I may have less but I am a veterinarian’, Said. At 6 pm we said goodbye and four hours later they had already murdered him. EPD, my friend and colleague, we will miss you greatly,” Ernesto Zurita wrote.

Fernando Gispert, the author of the publication himself, also confirmed Israel Enrique Gómez Benítez’s immense love and dedication to his profession, who Veterinarian’s joy revealed after giving 50 hexavalent vaccinesA type of vaccine that is used to treat distemper, viral hepatitis, parvovirus, infectious tracheobronchitis, rabies, and leptospirosis.

Facebook Capture/Fernando Gispert

Fernando Gispert also pointed this out Several suspects, captured on camera by several MSMEs in the area, have been detained for the crime.

“Very sad news for our people, he did not deserve this because he was a great friend, let the burden of law fall on the man who took his life, no one has the right to take a human being’s life, come on” My “May the vet rest in peace”; “My friend and colleague Israel, justice will soon prevail. EPD,” wrote other people who knew Israel Enrique Gomez Benitez.

The murder of the Cuban veterinarian is part of a growing crime wave that is affecting Cuban society.

Furthermore, in recent months, many health professionals have been victims of violence.

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