A Billionaire Secretly Buys Land in Hawaii and No One Knows Why

Hawaii has seen housing prices rise 22% since the pandemic (Reuters)

In WaimeaA small town in Hawaii, arriving in marc benioffCEO of sales force, Its recent land acquisition has caused unrest among residents. more than 243 hectares Under his name, acquired through at least six unnamed limited liability companies and one non-profit organization, the billionaire anticipates drastic changes to the cultural and environmental landscape of this community.

In a place where the median household income is about $74,000, residents are concerned about rising housing costs and the possibility of being displaced by changes to their environment.

According to nprThere is a lack of transparency regarding the schemes of benioff Fueled rumors and speculations. Although some residents believe that it may be the construction of a training center. sales force or donating generously to the community, most people shake their heads in uncertainty.

“When there is no clarity or disclosure about the intentions of a person buying a property or multiple properties, there is a level of uncertainty.” Resident Mike Donohoe commented NPR.

Community concern also reflects a broader issue facing many communities globally, where large land purchases by wealthy individuals or corporations create anxiety and suspicion among local populations. in the matter of WaimeaThere is a fear that due to these changes the unique identity of the city may be lost.

Benioff has expressed his love for Airport Since his youth, and his philanthropy in this area have been notable, though largely anonymous. His contributions include donations to the fire department, public schools, and island reforestation projects.

Marc Benioff’s lack of communication about his plans for the acquired land has led to increased speculation and concern in Waimea (Getty)

“I have donated approximately US$100 million Airport And I’ve been able to remain anonymous so far,” he said benioffWho insists that he has nothing to do with the land purchase sales force Nor are they intended for corporate use.

Despite his philanthropy, his style of operation has caused some to view his accumulation of wealth with suspicion. During the pandemic, benioff acquired 22 new plots In WaimeaA city where inventory is in short supply, which has raised concerns about the future of the city.

“All we’ve seen is the South Pacific movie. This is Bali High,” Benioff commented, describing Hawaii as a magical place of transformation and connection with nature, divinity and one’s own being.

However, bnn noted that his focus on maintaining his family’s privacy and his desire to keep most of his purchases for personal use have led many to wonder how this would affect the cohesion and structure of the Waimea community.

Waimea residents express concern over rising home prices due to Benioff’s land purchases (Reuters/Denis Balibous)

The increase in average home prices, which exceeded one million dollars, a 87% Compared with before the pandemic, this has made it even more difficult for local residents and future generations to live in the area. ,Which young couple can afford this? The answer is none,” said Tim Richards, a state senator and sixth-generation resident of the area.

In the midst of this situation, benioff has taken steps to alleviate some concerns. Recently he had announced a donation of 282 hectares till Hawaii Island Community Development CorporationAs for the affordable housing development, approximately 40 homes have been promised to be built on currently vacant land, although the project will take several years to complete. keith kato, The organization’s executive director called the donation “a gift from heaven.”

As Waimea And benioff Continuing the conversation on our collective future, the actions and reactions of the billionaire and the community will be decisive in the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of this picturesque Hawaiian city.

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