A Coca Cola advertisement has hung for years on a wall of Villa Clara

an advertisement for American multinational Coca Cola Despite efforts to erase it, it remains visible on the wall of a building in the city of Santa Clara, in the province of Villa Clara.

This above announcement was brought to the scrutiny of social networks, where people commented on the “relic” located on Colon Street between Barcelona and Capitan Velazco, as specified by Pedro Amador in the Facebook group “Santa Clara en Instantaneos”. it was done.

Facebook Capture/Pedro Amador

“This Coca Cola logo, even if they paint it, comes up again, it’s next to where there was a booth in the 80s and then there was the mill,” Amador described in a publication where people has confirmed the accuracy of your information.

“The mill of Don Antonio, Goyito’s father, who had a candy shop in Capitan Velazco, between Cuba and Colón. Beautiful and humane family,” said one user.

People had different feelings about the poster on the wall.

“What a painting!” One user said, nothing more needs to be said to understand what he meant.

Another cited a series of figures about the soft drink company’s financial results through 2023 and ended with a question: “Can you imagine if the spark of life was still burning for thousands of people in Santa Clara How much additional profit would there have been if it had given employment to ?

“There was painting going on, doing more with more,” one Internet user said, apparently hinting at the idea of ​​Cuban leaders wanting to do more with so few resources.

Coca-Cola has not been sold in Cuba since 1960, when Fidel Castro’s government nationalized the country’s food and beverage industry. Cubans drink the national drink called túcola instead of Coca-Cola, a Peruvian newspaper reports Business,

The island, along with Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, known as communist countries, are part of the few places in the world where industry has no presence and hence consumption of the beverage is rare, almost non-existent.

Three years ago, two advertising campaigns for the company’s return to Cuba were revealed Which could never be released.

There are 5 videos that were kept secret until then and show Coca-Cola’s efforts to publicize its entry into Cuba after the nationalization of its factories on the island more than half a century ago.

mexican magazine amiquis Both campaigns were documented by reviewing audio-visuals and interviewing agency publicists Ogilvy & Mather,

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