A fantastic series based around expatriates in Hong Kong during the 2014 Student Spring

Nicole Kidman plays Margaret, a New York architect who moves to Hong Kong with her husband and their three children. The entire family lives there among other wealthy expatriates, away from local life, except for their nannies. But the couple’s lives are turned upside down when a loved one goes missing.

Forget telling the story of the rich, immigrantsThis new six-episode miniseries, which has just been released on Prime Video, first shines a light on the human stories of three women. Margaret, her fear of raising her children badly, solitude and her need to let go. Her former best friend, Hillary, whose relationship is apparently on the rocks, and who doesn’t dare tell her husband that she’s taken the pill again. and Mercy, a young Korean through whom bad luck comes, and who believes herself to be plagued by bad luck and bad luck.

So it happened in 2014, at the time of major student protests against the Chinese government – ​​that’s the background setting of this series. But hang around these wealthy immigrants, they have what they call “assistants”, Filipino nannies, who must be careful not to get their feathers too ruffled by contact with them.

Expats_ is a series by Lulu Wang, who was noticed 5 years ago for her film the farewellAnother dynamic Asian family history. immigrants Inspired by an American bestseller and with infinite skill and a lot of tenderness, manages to portray delicate characters who try to co-exist and build a society.

The exquisitely shot series features impressive acting numbers along with stunning sequence sequences. As for Nicole Kidman, who was scratched by the press during filming due to her special status as a foreign actress in Hong Kong in the middle of Covid, she was once again feverish but also a little angry. came. The usual, which fits like a glove.

immigrants, is not a sinking ship, rather it is a series reminiscent of a great crossing that explores an infinity of emotions. A miniseries in six episodes, but above all great cinema to watch on Prime Video.

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