A friendly match was played between Spain and Brazil at the Santiago Bernabeu.

A red-hot Spain breezed past Brazil in the first leg, but Andrique’s entry gave the visitors another dimension

Lamin Yamal and Andrik, At the age of 16 and 17, he took over a high-flying duel at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, oblivious to the importance of his performance. spain-brazilWho had the Reds with two questionable penalties on their hands and allowed a ridiculous penalty to escape when time had already expired, which helped Paqueta to seal the tie.

An iconic duel that Spain faced at its best. The most offensive identity. Explanation for the change in louis de la fuente To exploit the presence of two extremes that mark differences, Lamin Yamal and Nico Williams. Having lacked meaning in London against Colombia due to names, he found it at the Santiago Bernabéu with freedom of movement, which Dani Olmo exploited to perfection, with Álvaro Morata as a mobile striker.

spain extremes exceeded brazil In the first act. Since only one mistake, unfortunately already repeated, at the beginning of Unai Simon’s game, a gift for rodrigo Snapping his scoring drought and lifting a team that had vanished from the canvas, the match kept from going to intermission.

superiority over rivals nico williamsQuick and intelligent in every movement on the left, it was enough to be considered the best player of that time in Spain, if Yamal had not remained on the other side. 16 years old, an incredible age to play in the elite division with the lack of pressure in his neighbourhood. Against the five-time world champion, he always had to face rivals, turning the game into a nightmare for Wendell, with pace, cuts, feints and moves out. He gave his full performance in front of experts in these matters.

Thus, after an intimidating start from Spain, going on top, eliminating the qualities with which Brazil had woken up from their dark moment at Wembley, de la Fuente’s most aggressive eleven attacked early. . A penalty was awarded between Yamal fakes, which could have been canceled if there was VAR, which became a special goal for Rodri. Morata first gave him a bracelet and later a penalty shot. Having lost his grandfather a few hours earlier, he collapses in goal.

Brazil had difficulty responding. As much Vinicius Confront your teammate Carvajal. Two early fouls to mark the zone. Searching for its new context without his team. Wrong in his runs with the ball. Hours after condemning racism he was far from his usual self. In the 17th minute, he took his team’s first shot, which was his only shot, at the hands of Unai.

Spain felt superior after the occupation. Yamal became unbalanced but could not score with his shots. When ‘Canarinha’ tried to move meters ahead, she felt threatened by the Spanish speed on the banks. Fabian forgave clearly, dani olmo A gift from Bruno Guimarães before going to mass.

A little bit to frame. Impressed by Yamal’s dribbling singing, Olmo got the idea to throw a shot into the Bruno Guimaraes area, pulling off a forced cut and a perfect definition from his hat. It was Spain’s second to achieve a prestigious victory but the tide was turned by one of those mistakes that could have been avoided.

An evil from the past which caused the goalkeeper to concede a goal early in the game. Unai Simeone received from Rodri and wanted to play first. As if this is a center. The pass went to an opponent and Rodrigo thanked the goalkeeper with a strike that ended up in the net. This was the renaissance of Brazil.

Bento, a casualty in his second match. allison and adderson, took a powerful shot from Rodri to keep his team in the game and extend its moments of superiority early in the second act. Thanks to the entry on stage of Andrić, another beardless footballer who could not have left a better letter of introduction to his future home.

on his very first ball Andrik He enabled Vinicius, who was irregular in his definition, and Paqueta missed the counterattack. Warning given before the tie. Andrique’s second appearance was lethal, his left-footed strike after a corner kick rewarding Brazil’s stride forward, causing moments of Spanish doubt. His first goal at Wembley, his second at the Bernabéu. Two temples where a legend may have been born.

He was torn by the need for more of a midfielder. spain, as happened in London. It was then that Unai Simon corrected his grave mistake. The left hand was strong against Rodrigo’s heel shot, which left Laporte cycling. Twenty minutes of agony before reaction.

With Rodri’s leadership always essential in the game, the Spanish team gained identity and confidence with shots from Dani Olmo, Yamal and Nico. Without precision, but the key to make the opponent retreat until the exciting end. Both the teams are forgetting the reason for the match with continuous clashes.

Spain once again felt victory after Bento saved a tough shot. dani olmo, with another controversial penalty. Yamal’s brilliant outside pass left Carvajal unmarked, who collided with Beraldo in his run. Rodri scored again.

It was the 87th minute of the game at the Bernabeu. Spain lacked the experience and mischief to finish games off. Brazil’s last push once again shook the foundation of an unstable team. Unai Simeone saved a one-on-one against Paqueta with his chest and when extra time ended, Carvajal brought down Galeano in the clearest penalty of the night. package To sign a tie of disappointment for Spain.

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