‘I want the lethal weapon number’


  • David Leitch aims for franchise success
    fall boy
    Want Lethal Weapon-level numbers for the series.
  • Despite good reviews at SXSW, the film’s fate hinges on its box office performance; There needs to be financial impact for a sequel.
  • The star power of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt is crucial to the film’s success, potentially leading to a sequel for Gosling.

fall boy Making waves even before its official release. director David LeachKnown for his adrenaline-pumping directorial ventures, he is already eyeing a future full of sequels with his latest project. Taking inspiration from the 80s television series of the same name, the film stars Ryan Gosling as a fearless stuntman and Emily Blunt as a newbie action film director.

fall boy

fall boy

release date
3 May 2024

1 hour 54 minutes

87Answer, Arcana, Entertainment 360

Leach’s aspirations fall boy Move on from the one-hit wonder. He envisions a series that can rival the success of lethal Weapon Franchise. Speaking to Total Film, Leitch expressed his deep connection with the project and its characters, saying,

“I know I want to go on a journey with these characters through many films.
I need the lethal weapon number.
I love these people so much, and I love these characters so much… If I can work with this crew and these actors in this world that Kelly (McCormick, wife and producing partner) and I have created so well. You know – yes, it will be a blast.
I hope people want more.

Watch the trailer for The Fall Guy below:

At the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW), the film received extraordinary praise, as audiences praised its thrilling action sequences and comedic elements. However, the true test for fall boy Its box office performance lies. According to Variety, with a massive budget of $125 million, the film needs to make a significant impact to secure its place as a potential franchise.

The Fall Guy Eyes Franchise Future With Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt’s Box Office Appeal

The success of the film may have been greatly influenced by the star power of Gosling and Blunt. Both the actors have performed strongly at the box office with their respective 2023 hit films. barbie And oppenheimer, which collectively grossed over $2 billion. Their on-screen chemistry and personal popularity could be the driving force behind this fall boy Achieving the financial success necessary to consider a sequel.

For Ryan Gosling, fall boy Presents a unique opportunity to venture into sequel territory. Despite his extensive and diverse filmography, Gosling rarely reprises a character in a sequel. This film could add a new chapter to his career, giving him a chance to be a part of a growing franchise. Additionally, Gosling’s upcoming projects, including an adaptation of Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary And the sequel to Netflix The Gray ManSuggest its increasing openness to explore sequel opportunities.


The Fall Guy: How big changes continue in Ryan Gosling’s career

How did Ryan Gosling go from a romantic role to one of Hollywood’s most self-aware comedians?

fall boy With a mix of high-profile stunts, comedic elements and a charismatic cast, it is poised to be an exciting addition to the action genre. As the film prepares to release in May, all eyes are on its box office performance and its potential to start a new franchise in the action-packed world of cinema. Led by David Leitch and featuring a talented cast, fall boy This could be the next big thing in action filmmaking, paving the way for a series of exciting sequels.

The Fall Guy will premiere on May 3, 2024.

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