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The following may contain potential spoilers for The Last of Us Season 2.

Both video games and television adaptations the last of us Tragic end for Ellie and Joel. They are presumably the only survivors of the massacre at Firefly Hospital, where Eli decided to die for the Cordyceps vaccine. As the tense surrogate father-daughter duo start a new life in Jackson, Abby Anderson begins a quest for revenge.

Little was known about the actual plot of the last of us part ii Before its official release, like the second season of the HBO series. Many players were shocked to learn that for half the game, they would be playing as Abby, whose controversial decisions had led to players hating her. Now that Kaitlyn Dever has been cast in the role of Abby the last of us Season 2, fans of the TV series may be wondering what it is about Abby that has made everyone so angry.

Abby was the daughter of an important firefly

Abby Anderson giving a coin to Jerry Anderson in The Last of Us Part II


The Last of Us sets unwanted record for 2023

Post-apocalyptic series The Last of Us has broken another record, but it’s not good news for HBO.

Before meeting Joel and Ellie in a fatal skirmish, Abby was the young daughter of Firefly heir Jerry Anderson. the last of us part ii It was revealed that Joel, a surgeon named Jerry, was murdered to save Ellie from dying. The ending of the first game left the surgeon unnamed from Joel’s perspective on the situation. In this case, Jerry was an anonymous person who tried to murder Ellie. No matter how important he was or what kind of family he had, Jerry was a threat that had to be eliminated so that Joel would never experience serious loss again. But the second game put a name to that face, and the entire conflict revolved around murder.

In a flashback, when Joel and Ellie arrive at the Firefly Hospital, Jerry was the one who advocated for Ellie to have surgery, knowing the outcome. Abby, who herself was training as a young Firefly, convinced him that if she was on the operating table, she would want him to do the surgery, too. After Joel’s rampage in the hospital, the only survivors left are Abby and her friends. Another issue that arose was that Jerry’s death meant that no other surgeon was able to engineer the vaccine. Along with Ellie, Jerry was the last hope for humanity.

Abby experienced a tremendous transformation


The Last of Us introduces Isabella Merced as a major character in Season 2

Isabella Merced, who will appear in the upcoming superhero films Madame Web and Superman: Legacy, has joined the cast of HBO’s The Last of Us.

The death of the only surviving member of her family brings great grief to Abby, causing her to become distant from her boyfriend Owen and his friends. Abby hardly cared that Joel prevented the possibility of a vaccine that would have changed the course of scientific discovery and the rebuilding of society. Her only concern was that her father was brutally murdered for trying to do the right thing for the greater good.

Abby and her friends join the Washington Liberation Front in Seattle, led by the militaristic and xenophobic leader Isaac. Determined to one day find Joel and avenge his father, Abby Rose joins the ranks of the WLF as a ruthless soldier against the Seraphites (or “Scars” as the WLF calls them). Abby gained the reputation of being “Isaac’s top Scar Killer”, trusted enough to lead the first wave in the final battle against the Seraphites. Physically, Abby developed a strong, muscular body so that she could be in the best shape to defeat Joel when their final confrontation was successful.

At last that day has come. With the help of her friends, Abby tracks down and corners Joel in Wyoming, where she brutally tortures and murders him with a golf club in front of Ellie. Unknown to Abby, Ellie was the immune girl from the hospital. Although his friends agreed with the plan, he alienated most of them. The mostly pacifist Mel expressed regret for taking part in this act, and Owen had already shown hesitation in killing Ellie and Tommy.

Most players assumed that Abby’s story would end here, but they were wrong. Abby became a playable character who journeyed through a personal redemption cycle that defined her beyond the torn body and murder of gamers’ favorite father. Her surprising altruism towards two fugitive Seraphites, Lev and Yara, healed the hatred growing inside her. And when she confronts Ellie again for killing all of her friends, Abby is determined to let Ellie live. Abby found no peace in killing Joel, and she knew that the cycle of revenge had to end with someone.

Why is Abby a controversial character?

Abby gets ready to kill Joel in The Last of Us Part II.


The Last of Us casts Beef Star as Jesse in season 2

An acclaimed Beef star will play Jesse from The Last of Us Part II in Season 2 of the TV series.

The obvious reason people dislike Abby is that she killed Joel. How can one not be angry? Joel was the protagonist of the first game. His life was full of grievances until he met Ellie, and he was murdered to protect her. Getting fans involved and empathizing with Abby was a difficult task. He was not presented in the most sympathetic manner, as a cruel and cold torturer. But through a shocking perspective shift, players encounter a young girl who is inspired to attempt to restore humanity. When Joelle comes into the picture her life falls apart, forcing her to abandon her youth and grow up in a loveless world.

Even through her guilt-ridden transformation from a despicable predator to a protective protector, some fans refuse to see Abby’s duality. It doesn’t matter that Abby was a reflection of Ellie, both were motivated by revenge and lost supportive friends in the emotionally charged process. Abby’s biggest disadvantage is that she was not introduced in the first game and developed a passionate relationship with gamers like Ellie or Joel. Some people refused to pay attention to the fact that he murdered a strong man who led one of the greatest video games of all time, even though his time was already passing.

Misogynistic gamers also jumped up from their seats and started making harsh comments about Abby’s body. A defining characteristic about Abby is that she is muscular and tall, especially compared to the shorter and shorter Ellie. His physique symbolizes his determination to defeat Joel if that time comes. But some gamers believed that her body was “unrealistic” for a woman in the apocalypse. They were angry that for many years now, women are not being sexually exploited in video games like they used to be.

Abby doesn’t need to change in The Last of Us season 2

A split image of the character models of Ellie and Abby in The Last of Us Part II, as well as an image of Kaitlyn Dever who will play Abby on the show


The Last of Us voice actor praises Kaitlyn Dever’s TV cast

Following the casting announcement of Kaitlyn Dever in The Last of Us, Abby’s voice actress Laura Bailey supported Dever and offered to be her “workout buddy”.

The beauty of Abby’s character is that she challenged gamers on the meaning of a hero and a villain. She is a person who does not fit into any box and can do bad things just like a good person. If the first game were shifted from Joel’s perspective to Abby’s perspective, people would have the same problem with Ellie in the second game. That’s why when it comes to the second season the last of us, the show doesn’t need to make light of Abby’s inhumanity or delve deeper into it. As a character, Abby’s portrayal is a perfect representation of a man struggling to grieve properly.

The hatred the game received for AB was unfair and immature. Abby’s voice and motion-capture actor Laura Bailey received death threats for the character, as did the game’s writers. Nevertheless, the creators have not publicly expressed regret about her placement in the game. To say that AB is not culturally significant to video games would be an understatement. the last of us part ii It’s such a complex and exhaustive game that it would reportedly take several seasons to cover.

In that time, Abby’s arc can be slowly and carefully examined to fully execute her transformation from a vengeful woman to a compassionate woman. Abby pushed the hero-villain boundary more than any other character, so hopefully the adaptation doesn’t try to do damage control to make her more appealing to audiences.

The Last of Us season 2 is in development and is expected to air in 2025.

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