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The iPhone SE 4 will bring long-awaited new features in terms of design, although there are still some doubts about when we will see its launch

Since the first iPhone SE, short for Special Edition, hit the market in 2016, it has become Synonym for “mid-range” iPhone, And we quote because, although its features are more limited than iPhones that have numbers in their names and they also cost less, it still costs a bit more than mid-range Androids.

After almost two years without any new models, the iPhone SE 3 is the last model launched in the market, This year we may see a new and “revolutionary” version of the special edition, And yes, quotes again, because although it is not going to bring groundbreaking innovation, it is revolutionary compared to its predecessors, who were already very comfortable with the same designs and specifications of the old guard. The iPhone SE 4 could change everything.

That design looks familiar to me… and not at all like the other ‘SE’

Distinguishing the last two iPhone SEs from each other and the iPhone 8 at a glance is an impossible mission. Its design is similar and although we know well that what is important is what is inside, a place where there are notable changes between them, the truth is that aesthetics are also important. Especially when that design, while iconic, already seems somewhat out of fashion.

Since iPhone all screens has acquired increasingly greater relevance. Clear bezels encircling the screen were abandoned and buttons were got rid of, with a notch or a dynamic island at the top. Home, exactly this design ideas all screens It looks like it will start with the iPhone SE 4, Everything points towards this, wow!

However, It is not entirely clear whether the bet will be on Isla Dinámica or Notch., That is, the format that the latest iPhones have, hiding the front sensor or the iconic eyebrow of the iPhone side button.

Dimensions and form factor will be similar to iPhone 14, It will have flat sides with curved corners, height approximately 14 and a half centimeters, width approximately 7 centimeters, thickness 0.7 centimeters and weight approximately 170 grams.

Although the key to everything lies in OLED panels will be installed and this will represent a huge leap in resolution Compared to the previous iPhone SE. Just as it will share dimensions with the aforementioned iPhone 14, the technology of its screen and diagonal will also expand to 6.1 inches. This is something that has been confirmed, once again, by The Elec, an Asian media outlet with sources close to Apple’s supply chain. Of course, there’s no 120Hz refresh rate, which is unprecedented on a non-Pro iPhone and it wasn’t going to be an ‘SE’ that released it. This will bring 60Hz.

This resulted in the desired improvement on the screen The desired increase in battery has also been added, This is another major weak point that has come in previous versions of this range and, as has already been leaked, the increase in size will also allow a larger battery and therefore more autonomy. Specifically, there is talk of a 3,279 mAh battery, which would make it the highest-capacity 6.1-inch iPhone, surpassed only by the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15.

iPhone SE 4 release date still remains unknown

If you had asked us a few months ago, we would have given you 90% assurance that the iPhone SE 4 would be launched this spring. In March, without further ado. Many analysts have said the same. However, all kinds of rumors have emerged these months that point to 2026. Others are slightly less pessimistic, putting it at 2025.

What has emerged in recent weeks a strange rumor Which adds insult to injury by saying that we won’t have just one iPhone SE, but two models with similar sizes to the existing iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. In fact, he also revealed that they will be called iPhone 16 SE and iPhone 16 SE Plus. Although we take it into account, the truth is that it seems unlikely at least. In that case, the target date is September 2024. That means in seven months.

The fact is that there is no reliable information that gives a more or less approximate date. The only sure thing to bet on is that it will arrive between this year and 2026. An absurd bet with which we will surely win, but unfortunately it does not work to encourage those who are interested in buying this smartphone. iPhone SE 4 is a mystery.

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