Match Summary: Lyon vs Cruz Azul (3-2). Target

Even animals do not stop the machine. This time Cruz Azul’s victim was Leonwho lost in his own stadium 3-2 For the celestials, a team that looks invincible with its sixth consecutive win And now they will face America at the Azteca Stadium.

Cruz Azul in 45 minutes imposed all necessary conditions To take the necessary advantage and, once again the opponent, in this case Lyon, did not know how to counter this style of play.

blue Cross Domino and was his first obvious option At the feet of the youth squad alexis gutierrez, who made the ball fly in an incredible manner. But, fortunately, a goal came a few minutes later to give us the advantage and it was a great goal.

Charlie Rodriguez He controlled the ball outside the area and with a powerful shot expired to the goalkeeper Rodolfo CotaWho stretched, but could not manage to deflect the ball at 29′ inches 1-0, Charlie celebrates by keeping the ball inside his shirt because he is going to be a father in a few months.

Discouraged, La Fiera did not know how to recover his spirits before he realized in time and rodrigo huescas Had taken advantage of a pass from Sepúlveda in the area put 2-0 on the board,

leon had his options

Contrary to everything and the score, pride aroused the footballers Neutral they will set up their plays very proud More than a group game. This is how Osvaldo Rodriguez delivered a perfect pass Federico Vinas He fail,

One such case was when the Colombian Edgar Guerra missed Vinas’ cross And at the end of the game they had to pay a heavy price for it.

The lights went off in the stadium

The intensity of the match was disrupted In this minute 63 When the game had to be postponed for a few minutes when a electrical fault reason a stadium lights off, Referee Diego Montano made sure the lights were working properly before resuming play.

because of this reason 28 minutes had to be added to the game And that’s why it was played beyond 110 because the players had not played for a long time.

three goals in the end

Even the pause didn’t stop the intensity And that’s when George Bava found a way to fight the cement workers. However only an error from young Rafael Guerrero allowed them to score an additional goal.

alan medina He stole the ball from the cub, went in and Beat goalkeeper Kevin Meier In this 2-1 It seemed to be giving life to Fiera.

but once again Cruz Azul got a chance to score a goal After a wallop that allowed Angel Sepúlveda to go one-on-one with Cota. The goalkeeper managed to deflect the ball, but it went back to where it was Uriel Antuna what a head got 3-1,

It seemed like this would be the end, butFiera continued to fight until he made the score 3-2 Thanks to a long pass from Medina to Guerra, who fired a header with no space left AlvaradoWho immediately scored the second goal of the night for his team.

Ultimately, The arbitration criteria were in favor of the machine ok a blow to guerrero’s face Against Alvarado he was marked only as foul and warningThis after reviewing the image in VAR.

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