A new backstage video of BTS’s Jungkook is released, the idol leaves a message for fans

Recently, BTS’s official YouTube channel “Bangtan TV” released a video of Jungkook’s official performance of “Standing Next to U-Usher Remix” in collaboration with the American star. Usher’s official VEVO also released behind-the-scenes moments of this collaboration.

In the video, Jungkook gives Usher his first solo album. He wrote a message sincerely ” Thanks for joining me brother” On the album. After receiving the gift, Usher expressed his gratitude with a bright smile: “thank you so much. Thank you my friend.” The two also showed extraordinary chemistry while preparing to perform “Standing Next to You”.

New behind-the-scenes video of Jungkook released, idol leaves message for fans K-Selection

Additionally, Jungkook and Usher performed on Usher’s hit song ‘Yes!’ But gained attention by participating in a dance challenge. Jungkook said: “He was one of the artists I loved studying closely and learning from when I was an apprentice, so it was an honor to work together. The atmosphere that came from training was definitely the best.”

He continued: “He is a very good brother and I admire him for his great performance. It was a very pleasant experience.”

At the end of the video Jungkook said: “This is officially my last show. It was great to gain a lot of experience and learn a lot. (I will work hard to be released early) I will come back to show you my good side after I improve my skills and develop more.

New behind-the-scenes video of BTS's Jungkook released, idol leaves message for fans K-Selection

Finally, he said: “The forces may feel a little empty after watching this video. Thanks for waiting. I will come back so that you can encourage me again. Thank you so much for being with me, supporting me and always waiting for me. I will finish and come back.”


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