A new discovery could solve resistance to key prostate cancer drugs

A team of scientists from Washington State University ,usa) has been published in the magazine ‘cell report medicine‘ In form of CHRM1 protein may be important in resistance to docetaxel to prostate cancer cellsA Medicine Of Chemotherapy Which is applied in advanced cases in which the disease has spread beyond the prostate.

The study showed how Blocking CHRM1 in resistant patient-derived prostate cancer cell lines., Restored docetaxel’s ability to kill cells and stop tumor growth, To confirm his hypothesis he experimented dicyclominea medicine which stops CHRM1 activity.

Thus, the search allows us to know that combined use Docetaxel and dicyclomine may help Overcome resistance to treatment In prostate cancer patients.

This type of therapy can also be used other cancers Those currently treated with docetaxel, such as breast and lung cancer,

jason wooThe lead author of the study concludes that this discovery will help reduce unwanted effects And get the patient treated.”more manageable,

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