This feature removed by Apple is back triumphantly in iOS 17.3

With iOS 17.2 Apple removed this function from the iPhone and fortunately for many users has decided to bring it back in iOS 17.3

This feature removed by Apple is back triumphantly in iOS 17.3
Apple returns this feature to iPhone with iOS 17.3

A few weeks ago Apple decided to eliminate an interesting function that many users were used to, but it seems that the company has changed its mind. it The function was widely used by many users, especially for those who like movies and series. fortunately it seems so This feature is back in iOS 17.3,

With its updates to iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2 Apple removed wish lists from the iTunes Store, Apple’s popular music and movie store is becoming less and less relevant, especially with the rise of streaming with Apple Music or Apple TV+. This means that, slowly, the iTunes Store app is losing its prominence.

One of the most interesting functions of the iTunes Store, besides being able to buy series and movies, was the possibility of Keep a wish list of future purchases, Apple has moved the purchase of movies and series to the Apple TV app and also, without any prior notice, removed the wish list.

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This feature returns with iOS 17.3, you will see your wish list again in the iTunes Store

However, with the iOS 17.3 update, Apple has returned this feature to users. If we enter the iTunes Store app in the Movies section, We have direct access to our wish list, At the moment this seems to be temporary, which Apple will likely move to the Apple TV app in the future.

it is expected that Apple will release iOS 17.3 very soon, perhaps in just a few hours. The RC version of iOS 17.3 has already been released for developers, so the official version will be released for all users very soon. We are facing an update with important new features, which will also return our wish list to the iTunes Store.

Is Interestingly, Apple returns this feature In this clear period of infection. Apple has decided that purchases and rentals of series and movies will move from the iTunes Store to the Apple TV app, which is quite logical. And it is to be hoped that we will see this wish list function in the Apple TV app sooner or later.

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