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Although today diego romero He tries every possible way for his brilliant performance in the victory of peru over Chile (1-0) Under-23 Olympic Pre-Olympics, It wasn’t always like this. There were also days when he was strongly questioned for his performances with Universitario de Deportes, leaving him as a goalkeeper who did not provide protection and was not selected as a substitute for José Carvalho. Was. In an impatient country like this one, his youth did not help him, as his club demanded that he be the keeper of the moment.

Fans are very harsh, sometimes cruel, as they always focus on immediate results and do not see beyond what their emotional eyes can see. For example, on November 11, 2020, when Carvalho was called up by the Peru national team to play in the Qatar 2022 qualifiers, Romero had to take over and experienced an unfortunate afternoon at the Alberto Gallardo Stadium: UTC ‘ Defeated Yu’ and many others were his responsibility.

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He was still 19 at the time and unfair criticism did not deter him. On the contrary, what came next was a long learning process in which he played his role as a substitute, but without feeling inferior. He learned that to stand out in an institution like Universitario, it is not enough to give everything in training, but also to be patient and wait for the right time to show that he has developed.

Thus, 2023 was very important for him, because even if José Carvalho remained the starter, his role as substitute goalkeeper took on another relevance in the most spicy moments of the season. Not only in Ligue 1, but also in the Copa Sudamericana. When José was sent off against Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, he prepared his gloves and made a very excellent key against Corinthians, even though the result was not expected and the Brazilians went to the next round.

Therefore, what we saw at the Estadio Polideportivo Michel Delgado last Sunday was not a coincidence, an exception or a day’s work that will remain as a fleeting memory of a great afternoon. So that diego romero Be there and be the leader of the Peruvian national team who wants to continue dreaming of Paris 2024, he worked hard and no one gave him anything.

His specialty is being a calm goalkeeper, who does not need extravagant flights to shine. Always in good position under three sticks, he tries to solve the game as quickly as possible with the strength of his arms and thus avoids any rebounds. The action that best describes it occurred on 63′, when Damien Pizarro was about to make it 1–0 and Romero, risking his integrity, threw himself forward to stop the ball and thus Chile’s Survived the profit.

At 22 years old – he’ll turn 23 in August – and with a full career ahead of him, the Chiclay native knows now is the time to look back and remember everything that led to He got recognition. Whatever happens afterwards with the Peru under-23 national team, yesterday it showed us once again, as the great ‘Pocho’ Rospgliosi used to say, that Peru “This is the land of archers, Keep moving, ‘Chiquito’.

Diego Romero made his professional debut with ‘U’ in 2020. (Photo: Peruvian National Team)

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When will Peru play again in the U-23 Olympic qualifiers?

After a 1-0 win over Chile Peru national team He will be active again this week when he faces Argentina, For the second day of Group B of the U-23 Pre-Olympics. The match is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24 at 6:00 pm (Peru time), it will be played at the Michel Delgado Sports Stadium and will be broadcast throughout Latin America on the exclusive DSports signal available on the DIRECTV channel grid.

Regarding the format of the tournament, it will start with a group stage in which ten teams will be divided into two groups of five each. The matches will be played in a single round of matches, in a round-robin system, based on points, with each team playing against all the other teams in its group. Similarly, the first two placed teams in each group will qualify for the final stage.

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