A new large pickup from Chevrolet has arrived with a V8 engine and lots of luxury.

The brand with the golden bow confirmed what we all expected: It will finally begin marketing its own large pickup truck to compete against the Ford F-150 and RA. 1500.


A Big pickup with big engine and heavy equipment He who appears to have more than enough and does not lack. This is a new full-size field truck that reaches the local market with the express aim of enhancing the offering of North American products that are increasingly appealing to regional users.

This is why the summer season is in full swing. chevrolet Carrillo is present with its stand in the shopping center (Avellano, between Bentevo and Boyero, on the Atlantic coast of Argentina), where it displays its current range of products that compete in the leading sectors.

Whereas, for the second consecutive season silverado, its big pickup that completely rivals the Ford F-150, RAM 1500, and Toyota Tundra. But this time, unlike the previous ones, the brand with the golden bow officially announced its arrival on the market in 2024.


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Silverado: What a big pickup from Chevrolet is like

Coming to this region is the update to the range that this large pickup has recently received in its country of origin, the United States, whose appearance makes it all the more impressive at first glance. The brand assures The comfort levels have been improved and there are both mechanical and electronic updates.

According to dimensions, the Chevrolet Silverado is located between full-size, that is, it is larger than the S10: it measures 5.91 meters long, 2.06 wide and 1.94 high, with a wheelbase of 3,745 mm. As expected, it offers one of the most comfortable cabins in its segment, but without neglecting its cargo and volumetric capacity as a work vehicle.

Although large pickup trucks in the United States offer a wide range of versions and finishes, the most luxurious configurations are expected. high country, Which is distinguished by elements like chrome grille, LED headlights, side steps and automatic opening box lid.


What Chevrolet’s big pickup truck offers in terms of safety equipment Six airbags and multiple ADAS Like autonomous braking with collision and cross-traffic alerts, lane keeping and adaptive cruise control are the highlights.

In the comfort section, it dazzles the user with configurable digital instruments 12.3 inchesHead Up Display with projection of driving-related information on the windshield, electric seats with memory and 360 degree vision camera, among many other items.

The iconic Chevrolet Silverado is equipped with an engine 5.3-litre V8 which produces 360 hp power and 530 Nm torque. This propeller is attached to a box 10 speed automatic and a 4×4 traction system with reduction gears to provide strength, high performance and great versatility of use.


This great engine inherited from the Camaro can adapt the activation of the number of cylinders according to operating conditions, meaning it can run With 8 or 4 cylinders depending on power demandWhich reduces fuel consumption significantly.

Although equipment and versions are yet to be confirmed, prices are unknown. According to Chevrolet officials, it will be announced at its launch in mid-2024. “We want to compete in the full-size segment and complement the brand’s presence in all pickup segments with products of proven quality, technology and comfort.” stood out Patricio Verdura, GM Marketing Manager, in his institutional presentation a few days ago.

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