Ukraine has asked its citizens to evacuate the northern border due to continuous Russian bombing.

Olympic Training Center in Chernihiv (Ukraine). EFE/Miguel Gutierrez

Ukrainian military today asked residents in towns near the northern border Russia To evacuate them as quickly as possible to avoid civilian deaths from continued Russian shelling and to allow Ukrainian forces to respond unhindered.

“The enemy uses a variety of weapons, such as aviation, artillery, mortars and grenade launchers, and fields sabotage groups”Ukrainian lieutenant general said sergey nev In a message posted on his Telegram account for residents of Sumy and Chernihiv regions.

Nev noted that “These hostilities can result in the deaths of both civilians and soldiers, the capture and destruction of entire border towns and villages.”,

“Every citizen must understand that it is dangerous to live on the border with Russia.”The soldier said.

“The war continues, and in order for the Ukrainian army to be able to fully fire and destroy the enemy without thinking that it could harm our citizens, all conscientious Ukrainians must follow the example of the military administration,” Naive added.

Russian troops bombed Oztyrka in the Sumy region of northeastern Ukraine and caused serious damage from the beginning of the offensive (EFE/EPA/Sergey Dolzhenko/File)

Russian army attacked this Wednesday Onyx supersonic missiles Agricultural infrastructure in the area odessaIn southern Ukraine, according to the head of the military administration of the region, Oleg Kipper.

onyx They are one of the most difficult types of Russian-made missiles to intercept, as they fly at high speed and low altitude.

“After a major nighttime drone attack on Odessa, in the morning Russian terrorists attacked the area with missiles”Kipper wrote on his Telegram channel.

Last night Russia launched twenty Iranian martyr drone Which were almost completely destroyed by Ukraine in the south of the country.

An Iranian Martyr drone displayed in Tehran, Iran. (AP Photo/Ibrahim Norouzi, File)

The targets of the missiles, Kipper said without specifying the number of Onyx used in the attack, were agricultural companies in two different districts of the Odessa region.

Last summer, the province faced almost daily attacks on its agricultural infrastructure and its ports, whose main export is grain.

An empty cowshed and a straw storage area have been destroyed in the attack.

Kipper said no people or animals were killed in the attack.

Meanwhile, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenconfirmed this Wednesday that the European Executive is launching the first technical assessment process of Ukrainian legislation before starting EU accession negotiations.

“In preparation for merger talks, we are initiating the investigation process and preparing a negotiation framework. In the meantime, we will start working on our own reforms to prepare for a union of more than 30 member states, von der Leyen assured the plenary session. European Parliament Meeting in Strasbourg, France.

In this way, the German conservatives have confirmed Brussels’ move to introduce a preliminary test that reflects a candidate country’s level of alignment with EU law and points in the direction of achieving greater harmonisation, thus ensuring Outlines future reforms to ensure that the legal framework of the candidate country is compatible with EU standards.

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has already announced an agreement this Tuesday so that the European Commission will start this first technical procedure before starting EU accession negotiations. After a meeting on the margins of World Economic Forumwhich is celebrated these days davosZelensky assured that Brussels will proceed with this first assessment, thus following the member states’ decision last December to discuss Ukraine’s accession to the bloc.

(with information from EFE)

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