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“The dopamine That’s what encourages you to go “Find happiness, what inspires you, what makes you comfortable.” Doing a certain activity. Catalan neuroscientist Sara Taylor explained in an interview for EL ESPAÑOL what is believed to be the hormone of happiness. SDG Enclave. A neurotransmitter, he explained, “released when the brain’s reward circuit is activated bound by desire,

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Whenever dopamine is talked about it is related to happiness, positive sensations and reactions. But Taylor warned in the interview that “it also has a dark side“. Because, he assures, “The desire to ‘want more of what I like’ can get out of hand and (…) become an addiction.’

And he gave an example for his argument: “If I get ten points on an exam and I was expecting six points, the dopamine is boosted, or if I publish a post on Instagram and it Turns out I have several more like More than I expected, because I’m going to get that dopamine reward too. Surprises, novelties, anything that’s unexpected also causes a lot of dopamine.”

What does dopamine do?

This neurotransmitter has a lot to do with various functions of the body, Such as learning, memory, activity, mood, appetite or sleep. And that’s why many people are looking for a way to activate dopamine, which is released when we feel pleasure or satisfaction.

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But what can we do in our daily lives to encourage dopamine to work in our bodies, without affecting our well-being? There is a (very) common activity that favors its activation: listening to music.

Music, source of happiness

The reader has probably experienced this at some point: A song plays and his or her skin crawls. You feel a tingling sensation and, suddenly, a feeling of pleasure, relaxation, even ecstasy. The emotions that music evokes in us have a lot to do with dopamine.

A study published in the Scientific Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) assures that music is capable of activating neurotransmitters that produce happiness. Researchers performed a Causal relationship between dopamine levels and pleasure from listening to music. That is, the desire to hear a song you enjoy again every time it is played is driven by dopamine, which the brain releases when you listen to it.

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The results were clear: When one listens to pleasant music, our brain becomes activated, dopamine increases and the sympathetic nervous system is activated. This whole process does nothing but stir up emotions. so give us some songs HighOthers make us sad, and some we can’t stop listening to.

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