Oh happiness to you all! Mia Khalifa set fire to the networks with a gift and very voluptuous

On these dates, all the artists are rampant and many of them have begun to do things to highlight during the Christmas season. On the other hand, there are some who prefer to take things with more calm, as is the case of Mia Khalifa. As is usual the former actress of adult entertainment have … Read more

The right to happiness

In the text of the Declaration of Independence of the united States of America, is held up as a self-evident truth, that it is an inalienable right in addition to life and liberty, the pursuit of happiness. It is very complex to define with accuracy in which consists the happiness to be an emotional state … Read more

Who is Chris Gardner, the millionaire who inspired the tape of Will Smith In the pursuit of happiness | Film and series

The life of the philanthropist billionaire Chris Gardner has been a source of inspiration for many people, who see in him an example of personal improvement and untiring struggle to achieve their dreams. Currently, Gardner is one of the speakers most in-demand in the United States. However, she had to endure a life full of … Read more