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Importance of happiness in emotional well-being

This day invites us to consider how we can find this Happiness Amidst everyday challenges and adversities, and how this emotional state affects us emotional well-being, Happiness is not just a fleeting mood It is a fundamental component of our mental and emotional health. when we experience Happy momentsOur brain ... Read more

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These are the happiest countries in Latin America

He international day of happinessis celebrated March 20is an anniversary promoted by the United Nations (UN) to “recognize” relevance of Happiness And this welfare as the universal aspirations of human beings and the importance of their inclusion in government policies.” annually, world happiness reportwhich provides an overview of welfare trends ... Read more

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Do you have to hit rock bottom to find happiness?

The fight against Ferran Cases (@ferrancases on Instagram) Worry It started at the age of 15 and culminated in physical paralysis at the age of 21. This setback became a call to action for him. He now leads the ‘Goodbye Anxiety’ center where, along with a team of psychologists, he ... Read more

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