The Happiness Test: How it works and why it is useful for measuring authentic happiness and subjective well-being

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Happiness It is one of the most precious aspirations of people and is present in our lives in various ways. this is a subjective and positive feeling because of which Science To study it deeply.

Given the need to answer the question whether it is possible to measure everyone’s happinessscientists developed tool For years to find it.

For this it was necessary that it should be understood from a scientific perspective and it should be constructed The method that manages to mediate this emotional stateWhat he called the “Authentic Happiness Inventory”.

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The Happiness Test: How the “Authentic Happiness Inventory” Works

To find the path to a satisfactory life and subjective well-being, scientists martin seligman Design A Examination For measure changes in happiness And this subjective well-being,

seligman He is considered the “father of positive psychology“And, through this examination, it was proposed that happiness could be analyzed 3 types of elements,

  • positive sentiment
  • commitment
  • Meaning
The test is used to evaluate changes in happiness (Source: File)

However, shortly after, they decided to expand with their partner chris peterson His theory of well-being following positive psychology interventions. The changes introduced were 2:

  • achievement
  • positive relationships

it happiness test Available on the website of authentic happiness from the University of Pennsylvania, usaAnd works like multiple testing Like,

This will allow those interested to choose the options that are most similar to them state of happiness in this life. And, although it does not accumulate points, it provides information comparison between other people,

Happiness test is a type of multiple choice (Source: Archive)

Conclusion: What are the most common results to look for in a happiness test?

For this group of expertsThe test had to be converted to a parma modelIn which the mentioned 5 points are included.

This yielded surprising results that were almost beyond doubt:

  • satisfied people show greater satisfaction with life Through meaning, joy and commitment.
  • needed to grow as a person evolutionary transmission,
  • Psychologists, who created self-assessment questionnaires, can get an idea of subjective well-being level For recognize changes For longer periods of time.
The happiness test allowed us to know that growing as people was an evolutionary transmission (Source: Archive)

In pursuit of happiness: What is the purpose of measuring authentic happiness and subjective well-being?

Created by this study seligman And peterson This helps us understand that many people believe that happiness is out of reach because there are things that cannot be avoided.

This is supported by the results above: People search establish deep relationships and focus positive emotions to increase happiness in short term,

From this statement of scientists it is concluded that pursuit of happiness It became a distinctive feature of people around the world.

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The result of all this is happy people They are more prepared to face life’s challenges, in many cases leading healthier lifestyles.

benefits from authentic happiness mental health and people’s satisfaction with their lives, a rating of their level of subjective well-being based on this series of parameters determined by experts.

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