A three-year-old girl is missing in Havana

Lali Paola Molinar, a three-year-old Cuban girl who lived in the Bahia neighborhood of the municipality of Habana del Este, is missing.

A publication on a news portal ScissorsHe said that there is no trace of the girl. “Saturday through 10 p.m.”

This is a longer period of time than initially stated in the publication that went viral In this the day of disappearance is mentioned as Monday.

Scissors He also elaborated that the mother of the minor has been identified as Teresa Molinar, She was found dead off the coast of Habana del Este on Tuesday morning.

Some unofficial reports on the network suggest that the body of the girl’s mother was found in Cojimar and that there were signs of violence, which has not yet been confirmed.

The missing girl and her mother, who were found dead.

If anyone knows anything about the girl’s whereabouts, the family has issued the following telephone numbers: 58385107, 53161904, 59040389 and 51976232.

“Please, the family is desperate. Her name is Lali Paola. If you have children, please think of our, the family’s suffering.”The original publication on the topic argued Arseny Molinar, apparently a direct relative of the minor, but whose publication was private, which forced screenshots of his text to go viral.

Facebook Capture/Arseny Molinar

A relative of the girl said in the statement, “Police are investigating the cause of death but do not believe it was a natural death, nor that it occurred at the location where they found the body.” Kubenet.

The source assured that the PNR is focused on finding the girl and did not divulge other details about the mother’s death.

“We are concerned that (Lali Paola) has severe allergies and asthma and we don’t know whether she is being given medication or not,” the family source said.

There is not yet much information about the circumstances under which the girl disappeared nor about the discovery of the body of the minor’s mother.

Official media have not commented on the matter, adding to the growing wave of civil insecurity in the country.

Amid increasing violence in the country, reports of disappearances of Cubans have become more frequent in recent months, as well as the publication of requests for help through social networks to obtain information.

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