A TikToker claims to have had an intimate relationship with her in supporting photos

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A user on TikTok claims that she has been in a relationship with Zayn Malik for several months. To support his comments, he revealed intimate photos of the singer.

almost three years after their separation Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik Reportedly began a secret relationship with a 33-year-old young woman. And Melty has not said this, but the TikToker himself is worried about this romance. Sam Fisher, the singer’s alleged boyfriend, published a series of videos on social networks to prove that he really had a relationship with her. While some people are skeptical, others strongly believe in it. And to support his comments and provide evidence, he did not hesitate to reveal zayn malik intimate photos Also messages were exchanged with him.

Is Zayn Malik in a relationship with a TikToker?

“I’m going to tell you how I met Zayn Malik on Tinder and how I spent nine months with him”, starts by launching Sam Fisher. Then the TikToker told about this romance, saying that the singer then sent her messages on Instagram, then on her phone. All this, with photos from before gigi hadid, shirtless. It remains to be seen whether Former member of One Direction Consent was given for the publication of these images… nothing less is certain. Anyway, after exchanging long messages, they met in person. “At the time I thought it would probably be a one-night stand, but it continued,” The girl explains. then confirming that Zayn Malik send him a message “Every few weeks”, Then there must have been a casual relationship between the two alleged lovebirds. But everything apparently went awry when he announced to the singer that his ex-wife was a woman…

This “threesome” is proposed by Zayn Malik

, From that moment on, she decided to have a threesome.”Explained it to TikToker Zayn Malik, Before adding: “He probably asked 40 different times for a threesome with me and someone of my choosing”, just that ! Sam Fisher, aware of the skepticism of Internet users, therefore published more evidence. Which includes messages and conversations between him and the singer. But it is still far from being the highlight of the show. When the 33-year-old finally found a partner who could join her, she ultimately backed out due to personal reasons. Due to which the singer must have got angry. And after unrealistic demands Zayn Malik, last-minute fights, or outbursts of anger, she finally decided to end this relationship. So, information or fraud? At present, Zayn Malik has not responded to these recent statements. And users are mixed in the comments on TikTok…


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Zayn Malik toxic and violent?

If Sam Fisher claims that Zayn Malik She was treated toxic and dismissively, this is not the first time that the singer has been singled out for the same reasons. Furthermore, those on TikTok who believe this young woman’s version do not hesitate to criticize her. “Gaslighting is madness” We read, “I’m a big fan but you deserve better than this.” Or: “He is a very clever person”, And it’s not his breakup with Gigi Hadid that risks calming things down… In fact, while the two lovebirds split in 2021, a Heated debate between singer and Yolanda HadidHis ex-wife’s mother may have inspired him to take this decision. There is no additional information regarding this controversy, which however supports this fact Zayn Malik Could be violent… at least, that’s what Internet users indicate. As far as this potential romance with Sam Fisher is concerned, it remains to be seen if the singer will speak out on the topic.

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