“A virulently intelligent film”, according to Le Masque.

December is played by a middle-aged woman (julian moore), and may by a young man, (Charles Melton, This is a condemnable and illegal relationship between a 36 year old teacher and her 12 year old student. We came to know this after a few years. He served a prison sentence, they had three children. An actress comes (Natalie Portman) who comes to observe the couple to try to best represent the woman in a future film. A duel begins between the two women.

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Xavier Leharpur was overwhelmed and mesmerized by the act of staging

for the journalist seventh passion and cinema columnist france inter Todd is a huge fan of the cinema of Haynes, whose grand staging he salutes here, and the actresses whom he finds sublime: “This is a formidable intelligent film, one that never quite moves forward into the open, which always has a vague and vague ulterior motive that I find skillfully orchestrated by the script. It’s an absolutely fascinating film on many levels, and the one that attracted me most was American stupidity made fun of, This woman was ridiculed, scandalized, jailed, isolated, and 15 years later, Hollywood thought it would make a good story.

Charlotte Lipinska loved it

for film criticism telematin Xavier Leherpour on the film’s grandeur, beauty and intelligence, and especially Natalie Portman’s acting, adding: “Beyond these two great actresses, I think the way Nathalie Portman’s character slowly interacts with its subject Merges, his relationship interferes with that, and how the film slowly focuses on this guy who also makes his point. a deadly restlessness Which brings us to the two praying mantises’ spectacular final face-off.

Ariane Allard also visited him twice

An absolutely brilliant production that I wanted to see a second time, so a very poisonous film, and whose brilliant staging made me forget to pay enough attention to the guy: “I was overwhelmed by this character, the only character filmed with Tenderness. Especially since he’s not quite a child anymore, and will never be quite an adult, he’s a lover who’s quite submissive, a father who’s quite lost, and who’s abandoned. Those two. Unlike women who are actresses, he remains an audience and it’s absolutely overwhelming.”

Pierre Murat still loves Todd Haynes’ cinema

The critic of Telerama has always liked the American filmmaker for his very subtle way of defending the monogamous love that society rejects: “I think he keeps saying that we should not judge this kind of unusual love. Should be done and “It is the society that judges. And judges Nathalie Portman’s character, so she can’t understand the beauty, gravity and pain of Julianne Moore’s character.”

Hear all the criticisms about the film on the set of Le Masque et la Plume:

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