A young Cuban mother was murdered in Havana

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Thursday 1 February 2024

A young Cuban woman was murdered, possibly at the hands of her partner, in the San Miguel del Padrón municipality in Havana.

Reports on social networks indicate that the incidents occurred in the early hours of Wednesday and that the man stabbed her in the middle of the road.

The fatal victim was identified as Dianne Caballero, and reported that she lived with her partner and their three-year-old daughter in the municipality of Vertientes in Camagüey.

Similarly, according to a source of the portal, they report that the couple was traveling to the capital in search of goods to sell. Cubans around the world,

The name of the alleged culprit is Jorge Socarras Guerra.

“They both took trips to Havana and then sold things here in Vertientes,” the source said.

Apparently, these events occurred during a jealous attack by the man, who attacked Caballero, then 23 or 24, with a knife.

The girl has a three to four year old girl in her family.

Last January they confirmed the femicide of Daylin Fernández Carrasa, aged 32 to 34, at the hands of her partner in her home in Alamar, Habana del Este, on January 11. After committing this heinous crime the attacker committed suicide.

“Many civilian sources condemn the alleged inaction on the part of the patrol team which arrived at the scene and did not proceed to enter the house. Independent observatories indicated, “Citizens acted correctly by alerting and reporting the police.”

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