Aaron Judge didn’t finish the day with the Yankees

last week of spring training 2024 Major League Baseball and new York Yankees They still have many questions in their mind regarding the list of injured. These include Gerrit Cole and aaron judgeLater an update came out regarding his rehabilitation.

All fans and the New York Yankees are waiting for the team captain’s return to ownership soon, most of them hope that it will happen on the eve opening day,

However, during the morning of March 18, the people of the Bronx had a series of specific tasks scheduled. aaron judgeHowever he could complete only a part of it.

Similarly, the morning started with some exercises in the garden to check his stomach injury. Since the results were not as expected, the rest of the session could not take place.

Aaron Judge did not complete training

However, the return of aaron judge The lineup will be on hold until it is physically 100% complete. To face a long regular season of 162 games.

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