(Draft Sheet) Drake Mays (QB): Armed Hands

drake may

Drake Mays – Quarterback – 21 years old – RS Sophomore – North Carolina

size : 1m93
weight : 104 kg
Estimated position in the draft: top 5
NFL comparison: Justin Herbert (Chargers)

The latest quarterback recently released from North Carolina, Drake Mays is an undeniably talented player, Touted as a top 5 selection for over a year, he is expected to be selected high in the draft. A Tar Heels quarterback who wears number 10, potentially No. 2 in the draft? Let’s hope for Drake Mays that Mitch Trubisky’s shadow doesn’t loom over his head.

Strong point

– Hand
– Ability to make all throws
– physical properties

The first thing NFL scouts look at in a quarterback is his arm. It turned out good, No QB in this draft class has an arm like Drake Mays, This is its main quality. Powerful, able to reach receivers deep, Maye is incredibly accurate on top of that. He is able to find his teammates’ hands in very tight windows, and can put the ball where the defender will not be able to get to it. All with alternating power and finesse.

However, Drake Mays is not just a passer. If he’s not the best runner in this class of quarterback, he’s more athletic than he looks, He’s not a dual-threat quarterback, but he’s capable of running away when he gets loose in the pocket. His athletic qualities allow him to extend the game, and therefore provide more chances to his teammates.

Leaving your pocket, Mei does not lose accuracy, If some quarterbacks are able to throw only with both feet firmly planted on the ground, that’s not them. This is what makes him so dangerous. His legs allow him to draw defenders towards him, freeing up his receivers. And since he is able to reach them almost wherever they are, He is formidable for opposing defenses,

weak points

– Tendency to play the role of hero
– holds the ball too much

Drake Mays is a playwright. He knows it, and may have a tendency to abuse it. Sure, he didn’t have the same supporting cast at North Carolina that Caleb Williams had at USC, or Jayden Daniels had at LSU. But He has an annoying habit of playing the hero,

When a game loads poorly, is out of pocket or has no solution, Drake Mays also often has a habit of holding the ball instead of getting rid of it, This can sometimes end in a sack causing his offense to lose several yards. Other times, he will decide to throw the ball far at all costs. At best, the pass will be incomplete. But sometimes he is stopped during these dangerous routes, which can prove costly. He needs to learn how to integrate himself into the NFLAnd that he sometimes accepts losing games in order to advance better later.

possible destination

Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders, New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders

Overall, Drake Maye is a very complete quarterback without many flaws. Some may think he lacks the spark that would make him a special player, but he is more than perfect. Drake Mays will undoubtedly be the starting quarterback for whatever team selects him in the draft starting in Week 1,

Now it seems unlikely that Mei will drop below the top 3. Whether in Chicago, Washington or New England, Drake Mays will be the future starter on offense. The hope of each of these franchises is to find their franchise quarterback during the draft.And Maye has the talent and qualities necessary to become one.

Seven years after the selection (and failure) of Mitch Trubisky with the second pick of the draft, there is hope for a new North Carolina quarterback in the heights of the draft. so, Can Drake erase the bad memories Trubisky left with the Bears? , will he Who will take over from Sam Howell, another former Tar Heel, with the Commanders? Or will he take the No. 10 vacated by Mac Jones’ disappointment with the Patriots? Without any doubt, answer in the first minutes of the next draft.

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