ABC and Rambam sign agreement to strengthen scientific knowledge in medicine –

ABC and Rambam signed an agreement to strengthen scientific knowledge in the field of medicine for the benefit of the world population.

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Mexico City, March 2024-. With the aim of advancing scientific knowledge in the field of health, ABC Medical Center (from Mexico) and Rambam Health Care Campus (from Israel) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the exchange of academic and research knowledge. This agreement between ABC and Rambam is an inspiring example of how international collaboration can advance medical advancement and research.

These institutions are establishing a bridge between Mexico and Israel that will not only promote the exchange of knowledge and advanced medical technologies, but can also lead to important innovations in the treatment and management of diseases around the world.

The fact that the Rambam is at the forefront of medical research, especially in important areas such as emergency medicine and medical cannabis research, highlights the importance of this type of collaboration. Having the opportunity for ABC doctors and nurses to be trained at the Rambam will enhance the quality of medical care in Mexico, providing knowledge and practice from one of the most advanced medical centers in the world.

Furthermore, the presence of Nobel laureate Aaron Ciechanover to witness the signing of the agreement highlights the scientific relevance of the event. The involvement of such leading figures in the field of science highlights the potential of this agreement to generate substantial positive impacts on global health.

We hope that this agreement marks the beginning of a series of fruitful collaborations that will not only strengthen relations between Mexico and Israel in the field of medicine, but will also establish a model for other institutions around the world to follow . Collaboration and knowledge sharing between nations can be vital in tackling the global health challenges of our time.

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