PS5 players are noticing changes in a feature of the console after the new update

Following the arrival of PS5 update 9.00, players are making a small change to the console settings

PS5 players are noticing changes in a feature of the console after the new update

It’s been a few hours since the release of the new PS5 update, 9.00, with which they have been added New functions for DualSense and consoles Players had been requesting this for some time. Amidst all this, rumors kept rising about PS5 Pro, Console that will arrive later this year, to improve the performance of the original model. Once this update is released, Players have changed settings Immediately.

and it’s the same console led light brightness This was one of the issues that worried PS5 users the most. Therefore, being one of the main features of the new console update, Gamers are sharing their happiness via Reddit forum Now you can control its intensity. “Finally able to adjust the brightness of the PS5 LED, but I’d still prefer to be able to turn it off completely. Until now I had to cover it like an idiot while watching movies. Same thing for DualSense“One of the players explained.

To be able to modify the brightness emitted by the PS5, you just have to go to Settings – System – Sound & Light – Brightness, once there you can go Select the intensity option or even the possibility to turn it off Absolutely, something that players have welcomed exceptionally well.

The new PS5 update also includes new features for DualSense

This isn’t the only new thing that’s included in this new PS5 update, but it’s also Some essential aspects have been modified for the use of DualSense, the current generation console controller. You can consult them below:

  • control speaker corrections, Your controller’s speakers can now produce louder sound, allowing you to hear in-game sounds and voice chat audio more clearly.
  • better noise cancellation, Microphone input quality on these controllers has been improved thanks to new artificial intelligence machine learning models.

So, if you haven’t done so already, We suggest you update to the new version of PS5 as soon as possible To enjoy all these benefits.

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