According to one study, purchasing a home in Miami requires an income of more than US$150,000.

Miami requires an income of US$151,163 to purchase a home, highlighting the high cost of living in South Florida. (freepik)

He real estate market In usa A study shows that significant challenges still remain, with the financial requirements for purchasing a home having increased significantly in recent years. district, An American real estate portal that provides information on buying, selling, and renting properties, as well as market data and home appraisals.

According to this report, by 2024 a annual family income It is necessary to be able to withstand more than US$106,000 buy a house Comfortably in the country. This figure is much higher Average income of American familiesWhich, according to the same source, is estimated to be approximately US$81,000 annually.

In Orlando, it takes an annual income of $121,418 to purchase a home, reflecting its booming real estate market. (Grosby)

Analysis show that done This situation represents an increase of 80% Regarding figures reported in 2020. At that time, a family income US$59,000 was enough to cover the costs associated acquiring a house, Additionally, it was highlighted that monthly mortgage payments also saw a significant increase, increasing by 96.4% to US$2,188. 10% advance payment,

In this context, the study adds that part the problem lies in inequality Between wage growth and rising housing prices, factors have led to a decrease in the supply of existing real estate in the market. Furthermore, it has been noted that about Half of first home buyers Have resorted to Financial help from family or friends to cover at least a portion of Down payment required,

Tampa requires an income of $116,329 to purchase a home, pointing to its attractive housing market. (

The situation gets worse in some areas to be of the country south florida One of the most excellent examples. In miamiIt is estimated that the income required The cost of buying a comfortable home is approximately US$151,163keeping it as the greatest field economic need In what sense. in other cities Florida As orlando, tampa And jacksonville They also show high figures, need income To be willing to buy USD 121,418, USD 116,329 and USD 109,271 respectively Home,

contradicts the reality of FloridaHe Report reveals the most expensive areas to buy a home In usa they are in CaliforniaWhere Required family income More than US$200,000. like city Saint Joseph, san francisco, angel And San Diego head it Listevidence Extreme inequality in access to housing Compared to other areas of the country.

With an income requirement of US$109,271, Jacksonville appears to be a more affordable option in Florida. (Getty Images)

On the other hand, cities prefer pittsburgh, memphis, cleveland, new Orleans And birmingham represent More Affordable OptionsWhere entry requirements Are quite small.

this panorama Highlights identified gaps and challenges what they have to face American citizen While reaching home, The situation has become worse in recent years Due to many economic and social factors. Real Real Estate Market Dynamics demands comprehensive consideration housing policies and the development of strategies that allow balancing this complex landscape.

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