According to this new clue from Take-Two, GTA VI has delayed its initial release date

Take-Two Interactive’s latest financial report reveals new launch window for GTA VI, which may arrive later than expected

According to this new clue from Take-Two, GTA VI has delayed its initial release date

Take-Two Interactive recently announced its latest financial report Through which new sales data have emerged, such as the 195 million units GTA V has already reached or how the development of the most anticipated game of the moment is going on: GTA VI, Precisely in this regard, Rockstar’s parent company may have unveiled a Release date delayed At the beginning of the proposal, The possibility of its arrival in the current financial year is being ruled out.,

Although this is something that was already known before its revelation First official trailer for GTA VIWhere it was hinted that the title would be ready for PS5 and Xbox Series sometime in 2025 Plans have been modified Of the company. A few months ago, before the footage was revealed, all comments from Take-Two had pointed towards the launch of GTA VI during the current fiscal year, which runs until March 31, 2025, although without naming the title. Now it is said that the proposal It will not be ready before April next yearSo it will already be part of next financial year,

Therefore, everything points to GTA VI will be available in the second half of 2025So there will still be about a year and a half to enjoy it on PS5 and Xbox Series expand well until 2026, For now we just have to wait for new official information to clarify the matter.

GTA VI will be released when it is considered optimized for

For now, it seems that there is still a long way to go before we know when GTA VI will be launched on the market, as the CEO of Take-Two Interactive himself has said. Strauss Zelnik, referring to their intention to find the perfect adaptation of a video game before it hits the market, guaranteeing the pursuit of perfection. “We are looking for perfection, and When we feel we’ve creatively optimized, it’s time to launch“Those were his exact words.

That’s why the company boss was already aware of this No fear of possible delay in release date Regarding GTA VI, although it has not been revealed to the public, internally it seems to have been planned well before its eventual production.

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