Kate Middleton’s inner circle leaks the real state of health of the Princess of Wales

The beginning of this 2024 is full of ups and downs for the British royal family. Following the surgery that Kate Middleton (42 years old) had to undergo at the beginning of the year, Carlos III (75 years old) has been diagnosed with cancer, for which he will have to start treatment soon. Although Kate has been spending her post-operative period at her residence at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, it seems the Princess of Wales may have changed her plans to retire and be much closer to her father-in-law. With this latest movement we have been able to shed some light on the real situation of the Princess of Wales. How is Kate Middleton feeling?

There has been silence about the condition of the princess. No image, no statement, no statement. Something different from the treatment the Royal House is providing for King Carlos III’s illness. While we know about the monarch having started his treatment and we’ve even been able to see him attending Mass, we don’t know anything about Kate Middleton. At least, we didn’t know until now.

Kate Middleton moves closer to Charles III

As reported in ‘The Daily Mail’, Kate traveled to Sandringham this weekend, where she will spend time with her children and husband, Prince William (41 years old). Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five, accompanied their parents this Friday morning to the royal estate in Norfolk, where King Charles III is staying, media said. Currently hosted. Kate left hospital twelve days ago following abdominal surgery and has since been recovering at home at her Adelaide Cottage residence. According to a source related to this medium, “Kate is recovering.”, they assure. “I was looking forward to the change of scenery and being able to take it easy in Norfolk while the kids had some fun with William.”

In the only statement we have received so far from Kensington Palace about the princess’s health, a spokesperson said on January 17 that, “Based on current medical advice, “It is unlikely he will return to public duties until after Easter.”, Nevertheless, the nature of his surgery has not been made public, but sources said it was potentially unrelated to cancer.

Who is Kate Middleton? All about the Princess of Wales

Prince William’s new role

The transfer marks a historic week for Wales, as Prince William returned to royal duties last Wednesday after taking time off to care for his family, particularly following his wife’s operation. The Crown Prince hosted an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle before attending the Air Ambulance Charity Gala in London the same evening, where he wanted to thank the public for the words of support for his father and his wife. In fact, when Prince went on stage, he did not hesitate to appear very excited while expressing this gratitude.


“I would like to take advantage of this opportunity Thank you for all the loving messages of support to Kate and my father, especially in recent times. It means a lot to all of us,He confessed. “I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had any ‘medical’ direction these past few weeks, so I thought of coming to an air ambulance charity event to get away from everything,” a happy Guillermo said.

Camilla talks about King Charles III’s illness

Let’s remember that it was last week when we learned that King was diagnosed with cancer after prostate surgery, although it has not been confirmed what type of cancer he has, only that he will continue his treatment And will leave our people. Meanwhile duty. The statement came again two hours after the latest information about the Princess of Wales. Casa Real tries to avoid putting too much media pressure on Guillermo and Kate, although the result is the opposite. Speculation and rumors increase.


Queen Camilla, who this week attended her first public engagement since her husband’s cancer became public, shared an update on the king’s health on Thursday. “He is performing very well considering the circumstances,” he said., is greatly influenced by all the letters and messages which the public is sending from everywhere; “It’s very exciting,” she confessed very excitedly.

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